Everyone Will Be Wearing This "Ugly" Colour for Autumn

When you think of "ugly" colours, what's the first that comes to mind? If you answered brown, you're not alone. This notoriously polarising hue coincidentally happens to be a neutral, sartorially speaking. While it doesn't garner the same affection than other neutrals like camel and black do, it never truly goes out of style. 

That said, there's an obvious reason why we're deeming it one of autumn's big It colours—it was all over the runways at major trendsetting designers' shows (i.e. Stella McCartney, Prada, and Ralph Lauren), and popular brands like A.L.C. and Tibi are already releasing pieces in the earthy hue. As opposed to its usual purpose (as an accent piece or in the form of a Louis Vuitton bag), brown is now taking centre stage, similar to how camel is often worn. 

Want to try the trend but prefer not to wear things that resemble dirt? Choose a pale or rusty shade of brown, or simply pair it with more lively colours. Keep scrolling to see how fashion industry folk are wearing the rich hue (brown leather jackets abound), and shop our favourite cocoa-coloured pieces at the end.


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A ribbed chocolate brown dress is a perfect transitional piece.


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Brown looks surprisingly chic with yellow, no?


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Combine two major autumn trends in one via a brown velvet piece.


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A brown leather jacket (as opposed to black) looks so fresh.


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For a subtle take on the brown trend, try it as a layering piece.


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Brown and denim is a no-brainer successful pairing.


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A monochromatic look is always a polished choice.


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Yes, you can pair black and brown.


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Try the trend now by throwing a brown suede or leather jacket on over a summer dress.

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