I Raided My Facialist's Medicine Cabinet—4 Cheap Finds I'm Trying Immediately

Facialist approved skincare



Do you ever sit around and wonder what aestheticians are actually using that makes their skin look so dang good? If so, same. Most of the time, their routines are filled with high-end, medical-grade skincare, so yeah, that's one reason. But you'd also be surprised to know they love wallet-friendly finds as much as we do.

Luckily for us, I was recently able to pick the brain of esteemed organic aesthetician Katie Sobelman when I got a next-level facial with her using all Luzern products. Sobelman is a big fan of the clean beauty brand for its unmatched ability to blend advanced cosmeceuticals with Swiss Alpine organics. Each product is thoroughly formulated and loaded with so many youth-promoting actives I could write an entirely separate book on them.

Needless to say, it was incredible to be able to experience the products. I'm wholeheartedly considering switching to an entire Luzern routine after hearing Sobelman talk about the products and the results she has seen after using them herself. In addition to all her knowledge about Luzern's star ingredients, she also let me in on a few of her wallet-friendly skincare secrets. If you're interested in Sobelman's picks plus an entire breakdown of her a.m. and p.m. skincare routines, keep scrolling below.

Sobelman's Budget-Friendly Skincare Favorites

"I always keep a bottle of colloidal silver on hand as a quick and easy cure-all. Colloidal silver is a mineral solution of silver particles suspended in distilled water or a polymer. It's naturally antimicrobial and antifungal and promotes healing in the body. Externally, you can use it on cuts, burns, breakouts, psoriasis flare-ups—anywhere you might need soothing or healing. Internally, you can use it to treat sore throats, promote digestion, and balance the gut. If you're a home microcurrent user, colloidal silver can be a great cost-effective conductivity solution as well." — Katie Sobelman

"I always keep a pack of Orgaid's Vitamin C & Revitalizing Organic Sheet Masks on hand. They are brightening and deeply hydrating. I love a good sheet mask and especially love using one combined with microcurrent for an energizing treatment that gets pushed deep into the skin." — Sobelman

"It might sound wild to include tape in my skincare arsenal, but hear me out. I place a small piece of this tape over my mouth every night before bed to ensure I breathe through my nose while I sleep. Mouth breathing has some pretty negative health effects, but did you know that water loss increases by 42% when breathing through your mouth?

"Simply breathing through your nose will help keep you and your skin hydrated. Additionally, when your mouth is closed, your tongue rests against the pallet creating support for the maxilla and zygomatic bones. As we age, not only does our skin become lax, but so do our bones. The downward shift of the zygomatic bones can lead to sagging cheeks and even jowl formation. Adding mouth taping into your sleeping routine is an easy way to improve sleep, skin health, and combat aging's downward pull." — Sobelman

"One of my favorite DIY masks to make uses the supergreen powder you might already be drinking daily. Whether it's an Amazing Greens Blend or straight spirulina, or chlorophyll (my personal favorite to use for masking is from Anima Mundi), the majority of powdered greens supplements can be easily mixed with water to create an oxygenating treatment mask that'll leave your skin glowing. Chlorophyll-rich greens are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that help support the skin. Simply mix a spoonful of powdered greens with a little bit of water, and apply it to your skin. Optionally, add a little organic honey for skin conditioning and gentle exfoliation. Leave on your skin for 10 to 15 mins and rinse. You will have a rosy glow caused by nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood rushing to the surface of your skinone of the last organs to receive this nourishment." — Sobelman

Facialist approved skincare



Sobelman's A.M. Skincare Routine

Sobelman starts with this light, rinse-less cleanser from Luzern that gently tones and removes impurities before they can damage the skin.

She follows with this hydrating essence treatment that's filled with ceramides, willow bark extract, and saccharomyces lysate extract, which increases cellular activity to enhance youth-promoting actives. I've tried this essence myself, and it's one of the best I've ever used.

She then uses Luzern's Serum Absolut Rehydrate, an oil-free serum that's great for dull, dehydrated, and even acne-prone skin. Skin is instantly rehydrated and balanced with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and panthenol. Another great radiance-boosting option that's 100% noncomedogenic is the brand's new Serum Absolut Radiance Brightening Booster Complex ($180). 

"A few times a week, I do a quick lift over my Rehydrate with my MyoLift QT, a Time Master Pro Ultrasound treatment, or I apply Maysama's Green Pressed Rooibos Serum and do an Omnilux red-light therapy treatment." — Sobelman

For extra-potent antioxidant protection, she turns to this rich vitamin and mineral blend from Luzern, or she uses Herbal Face Food's Serum I.

"For facial oils, I rotate between quite a few. I like the RMS Beauty Oil, Carter + Jane's The Everything Oil ($128), and Luzern's Sublime Oil ($225)." Sobelman

Sobelman's favorite moisturizer is this oxygen-rich formula that's a youth-promoting powerhouse. It firms the skin and replenishes its protective barrier.

For eye care, she turns to Luzern's oxygen-rich cream as well.

She's a big fan of Solara Suncare's sunscreen for daily wear. It leaves a silky finish and helps balance, soothe, and protect sensitive skin with green tea, aloe, and lactobacillus ferment.

P.M. Skincare Routine

For her p.m. routine, she starts with Luzern's silky Cleansing Gelee, which is an oil-free cleanser that removes surface impurities without stripping or drying out the skin.

"A few nights a week, I like to exfoliate with the Luzern Au Vin Peel Pads or Maysama's Green Rooibos Gentle Resurfacing Toner." — Sobelman

She then reaches for Luzern's hydrating essence again as a serum pre-treatment.

Just as in her a.m. routine, this is the first serum she likes to apply. 

Next, she uses Luzern's Serum Absolut Firming Collagen, a booster treatment that's great to use preventatively and for dry, mature skin. The marine algae in it form a micro-thin detoxifying layer on your skin to smooth away fine lines, while orange stem cells stimulate collagen and connective tissues for increased firmness. 

For nighttime moisture, she alternates between this hydration mask and the brand's Crème Nuit ($325). It leaves skin looking brighter, younger, and firmer.

She uses this same face oil or the others mentioned above and throws in a sheet mask from Luzern, Orgaid, or Knesko Skin once or twice a week.

"Lately, I've been playing around with slugging and following my moisture with a small application of Emulsion 6 to lock in all my actives since it's a multi-use balm. My skin has been glowing when I wake up in the morning." — Sobelman