I Don't Know How I'd Survive Without These Jeans

Of every type of clothing that I own, I can say without a doubt that jeans are the item in my closet that get the most wear. And I don't think I'm alone in that. I even did a little experiment last year in which I didn't wear jeans for a week. From day one, I was counting down the days to when I'd be reunited with my beloved stack of jeans. While I'm a big proponent of having a diverse wardrobe, there's nothing more versatile than denim, hands-down.

Speaking of my aforementioned stack of denim, I have a little trick for keeping my favorite pairs handy: I have three piles of jeans in my closet, going from least to most favorite. I switch pairs out as the seasons and trends change, but there are 11 jeans, in particular, that have a permanent place in the "most worn" pile. They run the gamut from reworked vintage Levi's to skinny jeans to cropped flares, to name a few, and I truly don't know how I'd get dressed every day without them in my life. Thinking that there might be others out there that are in need of a new favorite pair of jeans, here's where to shop the ones that I can't live without.