The New Rules of Engagement Ring Etiquette

The etiquette surrounding engagements can be a hairy field to navigate, to say the least—especially when you consider that with the arrival of 2016, the world has (thankfully) become more modern than ever. With social media, feminism, and less-traditional family structures all in abundance, getting engaged in contemporary times can feel complicated.

The etiquette of engagements is a topic we've delved into in the past, but the modern rules of engagement rings in particular are deserving of their own spotlight. From whether or not it's really okay to post that close-up shot of your rock to Instagram, to what you should do if you really just hate the ring—we have rounded up the guidelines you should follow in modern times.

Keep scrolling to learn the new rules of engagement ring etiquette now! 

Do you think traditional etiquette rules still apply to engagements in 2016? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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