Watch Emma Watson's Powerful Video on Gender Equality

Believe it or not, there are more reasons we like to keep up with our favorite celebrities besides their covetable style. They're major figures in our world, for better or for worse, and they are absolutely capable of driving real change. We love it when they use their position to make their mark on the world for the better. 

One woman who has always done just that is Emma Watson. She's long been a major voice when it comes to gender equality, from her appointment to being a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador to her role in movements like #HeforShe. Now she's back with a powerful short film she narrated and produced called Hurdles, which brings to light the many milestones women have achieved as well as the ones we have left to tackle. The film serves to help achieve the fifth goal of The UN's Global Goals for Stustainable Development: gender equality. Thank you, Emma, for continuing to fight this fight.

Scroll on to watch it for yourself.

Now head over to Global Citizens to learn more and to shop to help the cause. 

Opening Image: @EmWatson

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