The 12-Year-Old Insta Girl You Should Probably Start Following

Getting recognition from one of the biggest Instagram It girls—the one and only Aimee Song—would be pretty amazing for anyone, but when you're just 12 years old, it's all the more exciting.

On Tuesday, Ella Mendelsohn shared a new outfit post on Instagram that was inspired by the Song of Style blogger. Song took notice of the cute homage, taking a screenshot and posting it to her Instagram Stories the same day: "When a 12-year-old fellow influencer thinks I'm cool," she wrote. And that's how we came across the pre-teen and started obsessing over her account. 

Naturally, we were eager to find out more about Mendelsohn, so we asked the budding style star what she loves most about Song. "I love Aimee Song’s style because it is unique, and she makes trends her own," she told Who What Wear. "Her style is cool, but I also feel like it is something I could re-create. I also look up to her because she does more than fashion—she gets involved in things that matter to me, like the Women’s March. That was amazing!" Suffice to say, we definitely weren't this cool when we were 12. Read on to see our favorite Instagrams from Mendelsohn's account. 

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