6 Out-There Trends I Plan on Casually Wearing With Jeans

Is it just me or are all the biggest new trends getting weirder and weirder than usual these days? From the electrifying neon colors we're seeing all over Instagram to the "extreme sports" aesthetic that's officially a thing, I wouldn't blame you for shying away from the eclectic fashion trends of the moment. Since you're reading this, though, I have a feeling you're interested in which of these out-there trends I fully plan on partaking in.

I won't lie: The following six trends certainly aren't for the faint of heart, but it's my opinion that there's nothing too out-there that can't be made to look more down to earth when styled alongside a good old pair of jeans. While admittedly I might just be dipping my toes into the following styles, my ever-growing denim collection will never bite the dust. If you're with me, go on to see and shop the eclectic fashion trends that will liven up your denim outfits in seconds.

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