The Simple Styling Trick to Try With All Your Spring Dresses


Style du Monde

So, your closet has somehow let its contents fall across your floor, and while you’ve sifted through everything, you still can’t find something to wear. (Been there.) A dress may be your go-to one-and-done type of garment in these cases, but sometimes it needs more. For these moments when you’re looking to top off your look, what better way to do it than by styling your dress with a belt?

Whether you’re looking to accentuate your waist, create a fun silhouette, or fix up a piece that’s borderline too big, it’s almost too easy a method for adding flair to your look. With a belt, you’ll instantly add an air of edge to all your spring dresses, and who doesn’t love to play with a bit of contrast?

To illustrate our point, we rounded up some of our favorite street style looks demonstrating you how this one detail can take an outfit to the next level. From coordinated belts and dresses that change a silhouette to contrasting detail for a bigger statement, there’s a dress-and-belt combination for everyone. Then, shop our favorite dresses and belts on the market to put your own take on the look.