Why You Don't Have to Be Engaged to Wear a Diamond Ring

We do a lot of talking about engagement rings here at Who What Wear. While we feel pretty confident in our assertion that most women enjoy looking at giant, sparkly jewelry—please forgive us if we're wrong!—it's definitely not a fair assumption that most women want to say "I do." 

In many cultures, it's still a given that young women of a certain age and status are going to get married; but lucky for most ladies living in the modern industrialized world, marriage is no longer a prerequisite to happiness. Sure, it's a wonderful choice to make when and if you think it's what's right for you—but far from being forced into a union, women should absolutely have the right to choose their own paths.

And if you're a woman who chooses not to marry, that doesn't mean you don't want a beautiful ring to stare at all day. For all the independent women out there whose taste levels demand an elevated diamond ring that's completely unattached to a betrothal, this one's for you.

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