Dermatologists in NYC and L.A. Recommend These 31 Skincare Products for Winter


(Image credit: @amaka.hamelijnck)

Winter usually spells trouble for my skin in the form of dry patches, blotchiness, and eczema flare-ups. But this year, I’m committed to keeping my complexion dewy, luminous, and clear by relying on derm-formulated products. Being at the forefront of skin health, dermatologists know what works. And since we write tons of content on skincare at Who What Wear, we’ve had access to multiple derms in both NYC and L.A. To share their wisdom, I compiled a list of the top products from stories we’ve done over the last year. I’ve included serums that bring your glow back, moisturizers that expertly lock in hydration, and even some makeup to fake a sun-kissed glow. Keep scrolling to see all the derm-approved products you need for your winter skincare routine.

Emma Walsh
Associate Beauty Editor, Branded Content

Emma is an associate beauty editor of branded content. She’s a passionate writer who loves all things beauty, wellness, and personal growth. Before pursuing writing, she worked in influencer marketing at Gallery Media Group, which owns digital brand PureWow. She lives in New York City, where you can usually find her running to a Pilates class or sipping on a green juice in the park.