This Study Can Predict What You'll Wear Based on Your Politics

Apparently, your personal style can say a lot more about you than you think. According to a report released by consignment website Swap.com, the way you dress can tell the world which political party you support. Yes, really. The retailer looked back at millions of previous purchases from red and blue counties made between August 2012 and October 2016 to see how Democrats and Republicans shop for their wardrobes. 

While the conservative set prefers pieces like dresses, coats, and Bermuda shorts, the liberal crowd is into jeggings, jerseys, and sweaters. "While Democrats and Republicans may differ greatly on core issues, their sense of style is similar in that it's functional, flattering and fashionable," says Jesse Gonzalez, director of merchandising at Swap.com, in a press release. One of the bigger takeaways of the study, however, was that Republicans go for bolder picks like pink, red, and leopard-print fabrics, whereas Democrats shop for a more neutral look with colors like white, black, and brown as favorites. In more head-scratching fashion choices, the Republican crowd is 23% more likely to wear footed PJs, and the Democratic set is 421% more likely to "don pleather." To each her own, whether it be in politics or fashion!

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Opening Image: J.Crew

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