I'm Shopping My Entire Fall Wardrobe From Instagram

It occurred to me recently that my Instagram feed—and its unending stream of outfit photos and travel pics and runway shots—has really become a way to feed my appetite for all things visual and new. Over years of discovering new brands, influencers with cool style, and suggestions from my explore page tailored just for me, it has come to align with my personal aesthetic in a way that’s so spot-on it’s almost unnerving.

What that means, though, is I end up getting a big portion of my fashion inspiration straight from my Instagram feed. So it’s no surprise that my fall shopping list is stemming from posts I’ve seen on the app. From the boots on the top of my wish list to the ’80s print that’s about to be everywhere to the bag I’ve been awaiting the drop of for months, I’m breaking down the pieces I’m shopping for fall inspired by photos I’ve saved from Instagram.