My Friends Always Ask For Styling Ideas—20 Cool Brunch Outfits I'm Sending Them

Heading to Sunday brunch used to be a casual get-together with friends, but now, Sunday brunch means at least one Instagram post from everyone in attendance. Need an ensemble worthy of the impending Instagram photo shoot coming your way? Check out the 20 cute brunch outfits we've gathered for you here. We can guarantee that at least one of the cool looks ahead will make for that end-of-the-week pic you've been searching for.

Scroll through to see the 20 cute brunch outfits fashion people are wearing right now.

Printed Dress + Neutral Blazer + Low Heels

cute brunch outfits



This outfit will have you looking trendy and cute in seconds flat. Copy it immediately if you know what's good for you. 

Jeans + Leather Bomber Jacket + Heels

Leather bomber jackets are a fashion-person must-have this season. Style one down with a pair of jeans and low heels for brunch. 

Pleated Skirt + Oversize Sweater + Kitten Heels

Cute Brunch outfits with skirts



Upgrade your outfit with a trendy item like a pleated miniskirt. Layer an oversize sweater overtop for an outfit that's made for stylish Sundays. 

Ballet Flats + Jeans + Pullover Sweater

Cute Brunch outfits with ballet flats



Ballet flats are the fashion set's piece of choice. Style one with slouchy jeans and a quarter-zip sweater for a low-key look ideal for chillier days. 

Denim Maxi Skirt + Colorful Sneakers + Trench Coat

Cute Brunch outfits with leather pants



Swap out your jeans for a denim maxi skirt for an instantly chic outfit. Add a trench coat for an elevated finish.  

Flight Jacket + Pleated Trousers

Cute Brunch outfits with sneakers



The most Instagram-worthy color scheme? All-natural. Take a style cue from our favorite fashion people and pair a neutral jacket with similarly hued trousers. 

Slip Skirt + Sweater + Leather Jacket 

Cute Brunch outfits with slip skirts



Everyone loves spring pastels, and delicate slip skirts pair beautifully with heavy-duty leather for a perfect Instagram outfit. 

Printed Sweater + Jeans + Bright Bag

Don't be afraid to style conflicting patterns together. In fact, the bolder the better. Use your accessories to tie your outfit together. 

Miniskirt + Hoodie + Tights + Knee Boots 

Looking for a new way to wear your miniskirts? Style them with cozy hoodies and tights to transition them from winter to spring. 

Matching Suit Set + Loafers

Cute Brunch outfits with matching sets



For Saturday mornings when you don't feel like putting too much thought into your outfit but still want to look stylish, throw on a matching suit set. 

Jumpsuit + Chunky Boots

Cute Brunch outfits with jumpsuit



A similarly easy outfit is a sleek jumpsuit. You really did wake up like this. 

Jeans + Turtleneck + Ankle Boots

The jeans-and-turtleneck outfit is classic, and for good reason—it's effortlessly flawless. 

Animal-Print Sweater + Leather Skirt + Platforms

Cute Brunch outfits with leopard print



Sure, you can always pair animal prints with black, but they really come to life next to bold hues. Take an Italian "more is more" approach and opt for a bold poppy red because that's amore.

Blazer + Jeans + Sneakers

Cute Brunch outfits with jeans



Planning on walking around to do a little shopping after brunch? Throw on your favorite sneakers with straight-leg jeans to take you from breakfast bowls to boutiques. 

Puff-Sleeve Dress + Pearl Jewelry

Take a sweet approach and wear your prettiest puff-sleeve dress with pearl jewelry. The compliments will be rolling in before you can even take your seat.

Maxi Dress + Mules + Statement Jewelry

Elevate a simple knit dress with a statement necklace. 

Sweater Drape + Matching Suit

Brunch outfits with sweaters



The sweater-around-the-shoulders trend is a personal favorite, as it instantly makes any outfit more exciting. Layer a knit in a contrasting color over any outfit, from a T-shirt and jeans to a pantsuit, for a multidimensional look. 

Graphic Tee + Jeans + Boots

casual brunch outfits



Sometimes, you just want to wear your favorite graphic tee and jeans. Throw on an oversize blazer and tuck your jeans into mid-calf boots to polish things up.

Miniskirt + Long-Sleeve Shirt + Trench Coat

Brunch outfit with miniskirts



Miniskirts look so elevated when paired with long jackets, and adding '90s-style mules will tie the whole outfit together. 

Bouclé Jacket + Jeans + Flats

Brunch outfits with jeans



Parisian style dictates that every outfit is made better with a tweed jacket, and we'd have to agree.