21 Easy Curly Hairstyles for When You Need to Extend Your Wash Day

Let's be honest: Sometimes wash day just has to wait. For those of us with curly and coily hair taking hours out of your day for a full routine just isn’t always possible. So, rather than doing a rushed job, it’s often better to prolong it. In my opinion, opting for an easy hairstyle until you have a day to do your full pre-wash detangle, cleanse, mask, condition and style normally yields better conditioned curls and coils in the long run. 

Trust me—there are so many ways you can hide that you’ve skipped your wash day but a stylish updo is the fastest way to disguise any frizz or product build-up that you might be contending with. Plus, wearing a different style is the perfect way bring a little something new to your Zoom look. If you’re worried about the condition of your hair between wash days, Natasha John Lewis, co-owner of My Hair Bar salon suggests a light spritz to rehydrate curls that might be lacking moisture. “Using a conditioning spray such as the KeraCare Detangling Conditioner Mist (£8) will help in between wash days,” Lewis explains. Keeping your hair and scalp hydrated with light products will help keep product build-up becoming noticeable too quickly.  

Ahead, keep scrolling for the chicest way to extend your wash days with inspiration from these 21 styles.

1. Headscarf Style

Curly Hair Updos: Headscarf style



Definitely, the quickest way to cover up an overdue wash day. Yes, that same silk scarf you wrap your hair in at night could be the same one you sport on your video call come morning.

2. Big Braids

Curly Hair Updos: Big braids



Brushing your curls is a usually a no-no but when you know you have a wash coming up, the rulebook goes out the window. Spray in a light leave-in conditioner, detangle your curls and then braid into two big, chic canerows.

3. Bantu Knots

Curly Hair Updos: Bantu knots



Oh-so-cute and quick enough to do in a morning rush. Massage in a moisturising pomade like the Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil Pomade (£52) for good slip and lots of shine. 

4. Croc Clips

The '90s hair accessory that keeps on giving. Bundle your curls up in an on-trend croc clip for a laidback vibe.

5. Sleeked Back

Curly Hair Updos: Slicked Back



Grab your gel, a firm bristle brush like the Kent Narrow Airheadz Hairbrush (£10) and a sturdy hairband for this pared-back style.

6. Pineapple Updo

Curly Hair Updos: Pineapple Updo



If in doubt, a curly pineapple always looks stylish.

7. Slicked Braid

Curly Hair Updos: Slicked braid



For this look,simply brush down your hair in the same way you would for the sleeked back look (parting optional) then braid in synthetic hair for an ultra-long plait.

8. Low Bun

Curly Hair Updos: Low Bun



A casual loose low bun is always a good idea.

9. Scarf Styling

Curly Hair Updos: Scarf styling



Play around with your headscarf styling by showing off your texture. Heads up: for this style you need a thicker, more durable fabric than silk.

10. Fringe Refresh

There is no shame in just refreshing the curls that frame your face to cheat a wash day look.

11. Ballet Bun

If you have fine curls that don’t give enough volume for a bun you can get the look with the Feme Collection Afro Puffs (from £18).

12. Wrapped Up

Curly Hair Updos: Wrapped up



Tuck your curls and coils away completely with a elegant headwrap or turban.

13. High Faux Pony

Curly Hair Updos: High faux pony



Same vibe as the slicked-back braid but this one sits high on the head at the crown.

14. Chic Middle Parting

Apparently side partings are out so this perfect middle parting is very on trend right now.

15. Faux Curly Pony

Curly Hair Updos: Faux curly ponytail



Pull your curls back into a high bun and clip on a pony like the Jordyn x Easilocks Instant Ponytail (£40)—so easy and luxe.

16. Half-Up, Half-Down

Best Curly Updos: Half-Up, Half-Down



Part your coils and curls at your crown and pile the top half into a pineapple for a quick fix.

17. Tendril Love

Perfectly coiffed curly tendrils can really ramp up a textured updo.

18. Root Disguise

A stylish bandana disguises roots and instantly gives us holiday vibes.

19. 100% Baby Hairs

Styling your edges changes a look so grab you edge styler brush and gel to take your updo to the next level.

20. Puff Plaits

Maybe the most fun textured hairstyle of all? The dual texture will disguise any tell-tale signs an impending wash day.

21. Space Buns

Best Curly Updos: Space Buns



Gather your curls into two textured buns. Don’t secure too tightly—this look is very casual.

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