10 Outfits That Indicate Cropped Pants Might Be Cool Again

If you're experiencing puddle-pant fatigue, I have some good news for you. Although the jury is still out (people don't wear pants all that much during the dog days of summer), I have a hunch that cropped pants may be making a comeback. Here's the thing. Extra-long pants have been a thing for a few seasons now. Whenever a trend has become ultra-saturated, it's inevitable that people will start going in the opposite direction—with the fashion crowd leading the way. Speaking of the fashion crowd, I found 10 recent cropped-pant outfits some of Instagram's most stylish loved enough to post to their main feeds.

If you're not a fan of cropped pants, I can see why you'd be unpleased with this recent development, but as someone who is 5'4", I personally don't think that baggy puddle pants do me much justice and would prefer to wear at least ankle-length pants. So yes, I'm admittedly crossing my fingers that cropped pants enter the chat again soon. I'm happy to start that conversation.

Scroll on for cropped-pant outfit inspiration and to shop some of the chicest pairs of cropped pants on the internet.


(Image credit: @anoukyve)

This super-simple outfit is going to be my fall go-to. If you're wondering what type of heels look best with cropped pants, it's kitten-heel mules.

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(Image credit: @sofiarichiegrainge)

If Sofia Richie is wearing them, you know what to do. Her frayed-hem, wide-leg jeans look completely fresh.

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(Image credit: @monikh)

Cargo pants are typically baggy these days, but why can't they be cropped?

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(Image credit: @lindatol_)

Wearing cropped jeans with a T-shirt is a tale as old as time, and if you pair the outfit with cool metallic shoes, it looks decidedly "2023."

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(Image credit: @lefevrediary)

As you can see, these jeans are cuffed to be cropped, but cropped is cropped. A little birdie told me that cuffed jeans are going to be a major trend this fall.

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(Image credit: @erinoffduty)

These slit-front cropped pants are undeniably cool and forward, and they look great with flats.

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(Image credit: @lucywilliams02)

I predict that wide-leg cropped pants are going to take the lead when it comes to the most popular style.


(Image credit: @annelauremais)

If you ask a French woman, they'll probably tell you that cropped straight-leg jeans are never "out." I'd have to agree.

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(Image credit: @monikh)

As this fringed pair proves, cropped pants have more fun.

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(Image credit: @sabinasocol)

Cropped flares dominated my closet approximately seven years ago, and I wouldn't hesitate to wear them again.

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