5 "Soft" Trends Everyone's Wearing Instead of Jeans

Something we have yet to discuss is "soft" pants versus "hard" pants. The reason for no prior discussion can most likely be chalked up to the fact that up until now, we never really considered certain pants "hard." To get you up to speed, now that we've been living in all things soft, stretchy, and oversize, jeans seem really, well, hard. The rigid nature of the denim combined with constricting waistlines now seems scary, uncomfortable, and, to be honest, a little unnecessary. It reminds me of that meme that's been floating around that says, "People who are quarantining in jeans: What are you trying to prove?" 

No shame if jeans have been your go-to pant style since day one of quarantine, but if you're anything like me, your denim drawer has not been touched in over three months, but the five comfortable pant trends ahead have. It came as no surprise that the fashion set adapted quickly to this new at-home lifestyle. From new ways to capture content to approachable yet fresh ways to look good at home, they pretty much hit the nail on the head, and today, we're here to praise them for all the "soft" pant trends they brought into the limelight. Fear not: This selection is not limited to leggings and joggers. Instead, it features new and exciting styles that will feel just right among the rest of your cozy new aesthetic. 

Ahead, discover the five comfortable pant trends we've been seeing all over Instagram, and shop the best versions from each category. 

Knit Shorts

If you're looking for something that feels like underwear but is socially acceptable to wear outside, then knit shorts are your best bet. These cozy bottoms are the perfect trend to slip into for a casual day of lounging at home or a stylish socially distanced hangout. 


Speaking of underwear, the latest trend to spike on social media has been women wearing men's briefs—or at least women's briefs that look like men's briefs. Between the roomy fit and the oddly cool aesthetic this underwear brings, the fashion crowd has made it clear that this "soft" trend is a thing. 

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are definitely becoming more and more popular by the minute. And if quarantine has taught us anything about personal style, it's that bike shorts can be integrated into way more looks than we originally thought they could. Since your at-home style might need some jazzing up by now, I suggest trying out bike shorts in a loud color. Come on—live a little. 


Surprised to see sweatpants in this roundup? Hardly. But to echo all the aforementioned points above, this new laid-back lifestyle comes with a price and that price is learning to love "soft" trends of all kinds. 

Athletic Shorts

Last but not least, we have athletic shorts. From sweatshorts to nylon running shorts, these sporty bottoms have quickly become the go-to for fashion girls, even when exercise is not on the agenda. 

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