I've Stalked All the Best Sweaters on Instagram—Here's What I've Found

Social media stalking can be a bit intense. But the way I see it, the most harmless of versions is stalking an amazing purchase. There’s no shame in visiting hashtag pages, searching through tagged photos, and even looking on accounts you don’t typically follow to find out where a great purchase came from. That’s often how I’ve discovered emerging brands and sourced refreshing styling tips. With chilly weather on the mind, the latest category I’m shamelessly stalking is sweaters—chunky, wooly, colorful sweaters good enough to cozy up in—and my latest searched turned up 13.

While neutrals have their place, it’s some of the brightest and most original sweater styles that have stopped my Instagram scrolling and sent me on a search for where to buy the exact design. Ahead, take a look at some of the best statement-making knits of the season, and then shop the exact styles.

Maybe it's the striped arms. Maybe it's the slouchy fit. Either way, I'll take it.

Genuinely asking: Has mustard ever looked this good?

Plaid print colorful sweaters



My favorite plaids are the slightly different ones, like this black, white, and orange selection.

Lavender colorful sweaters



Yes, it's all one sweater!

Ganni striped colorful sweaters



I can totally get down with this sweater slouching, too.

Cardigan colorful sweaters



Two words: pearl buttons.

Never met a striped sweater I didn't love, and this one's only $30.

Gaphic print colorful sweaters



This one features an ideal colorblock combination and an ideal location.

Off-the-shoulder colorful sweaters



A bright yellow knit feels optimistic and sunny, and I'll take all I can get of both in the winter.

Leopard print colorful sweaters



Not quite your average leopard sweater.

Light blue colorful sweaters



The intricate pattern of the knit is so pretty. And this pastel shade of blue? Perfect.

Multicolored striped sweaters



Yet another striped option because who can get enough?

The unexpected pairing of pink and yellow makes this design hard to forget and hard not to love.

Next, a Pantone color expert explains why lime green is having such a moment right now.

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