I Spent a Long Weekend in Colorado—Here's Every Beauty Product I Brought



I know that from November to March, travel to Colorado reaches its peak. It's ski season, people! I don't ski (more of a lodger, myself), but I am a Colorado native, so having grown up there for the better part of my life, I know that it can be a tricky place to pack for, particularly in the winter. 

Colorado has an extremely dry climate, particularly in the winter. People tend to get in trouble when they pack beauty products that they'd use in more humid areas since a lot of lightweight face moisturizers and serums just won't cut it in air that basically sucks the moisture right out of your skin.

Luckily, since I've lived in New York for nearly five years and am used to traveling home in the winter, I have become a dry weather expert in the realm of beauty product packing. Here are my essentials for a weekend trip to the Rockies. 

First things first, I take this makeup bag with me every time I travel. It's been my go-to for years because it fits so many products in it, and I love that there are multiple compartments so you can categorize your products.

For carry-on bags, I like to use reusable quart-sized pouches for my liquids. I hate trying to fit all of my liquids into a ziplock bag. It's always a tight squeeze, the zipper always seems to break, and it also feels like a huge waste of plastic.  These are TSA-compliant and only $11 for a two-pack.

When it's possible, I try to avoid buying travel-size versions of items I already own. It feels wasteful to me when I could just put products into travel-size liquid pouches. These are my favorite because they are spill resistant and fit in everything. 

Having grown up in Colorado, there's one thing I know for a fact: the air will be insanely dry there, especially in the winter. A barrier repair cream like this one does the trick to help prevent flaky skin on even the driest days. 

As I've said, the air in Colorado is dry. The area around my eyes and eyelids tends to be hyper-sensitive to this, so I brought along this eye balm that's packed with emollients for an extra-moisturizing boost. 

Aquaphor is my solution to everything. Cracked knuckles? Slather on some Aquaphor. A random dry patch? Cover it in Aquaphor. Want to seal in your moisturizer overnight? You guessed it, Aquaphor. I highly recommend always tossing it in your travel bag, especially if you're going somewhere where the air is dry.

I normally opt for balmy, thick lip masks to keep my lips hydrated and pillowy, but lately, I've been reaching for this rich lip moisturizer from Malin+Goetz. Its gel-like texture uses a blend of fatty acids to replenish lips instantly.

This one is self-explanatory. No matter how cold and gray it is outside, SPF is crucial.

I rely on this intensively moisturizing body lotion (that I put in one of my Kitsch pouches), which is packed with ceramides, to keep my skin hydrated no matter the weather. 

In dry climates, hand cream is a must. Hands dry out so quickly, particularly when you're washing them a lot (hello, cold season). This hand cream ensures your hands will stay hydrated by delivering up to eight hours of hydration. 

To help skin maintain moisture, I'll skip stripping cleansers and opt for a hydrating cleansing balm. This one immediately melts makeup and takes away dirt and oil without leaving a filmy residue. 

Not only does this lip balm deliver the dreamiest sheer wash of color, but it also packs a mega-moisturizing punch. I'm very picky about lip balms, but this one is on constant rotation for me. 

I love this foundation because it delivers just enough coverage while sinking in perfectly to the skin. It has a radiant finish, so it helps ensure my skin never looks dry.

With a buildable medium coverage and a hydrating formula, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better concealer for covering dark circles in colder months. It looks so natural and helps ensure your skin stays supple.

Nars Orgasm blush was my go-to between the years 2014 and 2018. Since then, I've never worn a different blush formula. As I've gotten older, I've veered away from powder blushes but still love Nars Orgasm for delivering a realistic, radiant-looking glow to my cheeks. 

I cycle through mascaras like nobody's business. Lately, I've been reaching for this volumizing formula from Ilia—it makes my lashes look so thick and full that I might as well be wearing falsies. 

This is like Dedcool's famous Milk fragrance was turned up to full volume. With the same notes of bergamot, white musk, and amber, this perfume lasts a little bit longer and delivers a little bit heavier of a punch. 

Ever since this brow wax launched, it's the only one I'll touch to keep my brows in line. It delivers tons of hold while amping up volume and color. 

I will always bring liquid eyeliner with me wherever I go, and this one is perfect because it basically works like a calligraphy pen to draw as graphic—or as thin—lines as you want.

I take this brush with me everywhere—in my work bag, to the gym, and even on a plane. It makes brushing my thick hair a breeze. 

Don't forget that your hair needs extra moisture, too! This conditioning mist helps lock in hydration for smooth, shiny, and soft hair.