10 Under-$100 Essentials for Every College Fashion Girl

Whether you’re a fashion girl about to graduate from college or heading to school in the fall, you’ve probably experienced the obstacles that come with maintaining your personal style, especially in an environment as chaotic as a college campus. While balancing the social, professional, and academic responsibilities that come with college, finding the time and money to shop the latest trends isn’t always easy. Not to mention the limited closet space that often accompanies a college dorm room and the tragic realization that you’ll probably have to leave some of your favorite pieces at home. I am a chronic overpacker and naturally made every attempt to bring my entire wardrobe to college convinced I would wear everything, so one of my biggest challenges was learning to prioritize what pieces I truly needed and what pieces I would probably never get the chance to wear.

After dealing with a disaster of a closet my first semester and consulting some friends and my favorite blogs, I found out that some of the most fashionable college girls I knew styled wardrobe essentials in creative ways to develop their personal style. By having a few quality pieces that could be paired with almost any outfit combination, these fashion girls were able to maintain their personal style in a more convenient and efficient way all with a few essentials.

Today, I’ve decided to share some essentials for any college fashion girl, each under $100. Having these 10 pieces on hand is sure to boost your confidence going into any of the often unexpected situations at college. By pairing these essentials with some trendy accessories, you can always have an updated look and avoid spending time and money replacing your entire closet. From basic tops to the perfect pair of sunglasses, these 10 essentials will allow any college fashion girl to maintain her personal look with ease.

Think you could refine your style with some new wardrobe staples? Scroll down to shop 10 under-$100 essentials for every college fashion girl.