The Chic Coffee Table Books I'm Adding to My Basket Right Now

I must admit that over the last couple of months, my spending habits have drastically changed. Whereas this time of the year would usually see me buying last-minute flights for a summer holiday, a new swimwear wardrobe and likely every SPF product under the sun, this year I’m rethinking my priorities. The truth is, before I spend money on anything that can’t be deemed a necessity, I mull the potential purchase over for hours, weighing up whether or not, given the current situation, my expenditure is worth it.

With international travel, festivals and trips to the lido off the cards for a little while longer, I have found myself reinvesting my annual budget for such things elsewhere. Most specifically, in coffee table books. It sounds a little extravagant and niche, but hear me out.

You see, spending so much time within the confines of my own home has somewhat limited my creative output. In an attempt to get my creative juices flowing once more, I have been looking at all of the different ways I can make my living space just that little bit more inspiring.


(Image credit: @LUCYWILLIAMS02)

And what better way to do so than with coffee table books that are just as chic on the inside as they are the out? Stacked on shelves, piled up high on tables and perched on my nightstand, there are coffee table books filled with some of the most inspiring images and words in every corner of my home. Keep scrolling for the chic coffee table books filling my wish list right now.





Next up, 30 items for those spending more time dressing tables than themselves.

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