The Only 10 Items J.Crew Calls "Forever Classics"

Best J.Crew Items


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Think of the last clothing item you bought. Did you buy it because it's trendy or because you know you'll still wear it 10 years from now? I love a good of-the-moment buy as much as the next person, but it's never quite as regret-free as the classic, versatile pieces that are perennially stylish. (Sorry, "ugly" sneakers and bike shorts.)

J.Crew has dubbed 10 specific items "the new icons," and you'd be wise to take stock of your closet to see if you're missing any of these staples. "The forever classics that have stood the test of time—in closets and in culture," the brand explains on its website. "These are the pieces that never ever go out of style." Luckily, all of these pieces are available at a wide range of prices from a slew of different designers, from Stella McCartney and Burberry to Mango and Uniqlo. Scroll down to see the 10 items J.Crew calls "forever classics."

1. Trench Coat 

2. Denim Western Shirt 

3. Pearl Jewelry 

4. Penny Loafers

5. Shirtdress

6. Sweater Set 

7. White Button-Up 

8. Pencil Skirt

9. Cashmere Sweater

10. Wool Blazer