A Hilarious Christian Louboutin Accident Halted Condé Nast Operations

File this one away under the best/most hilarious news you’ll hear all day: A Condé Nast employees Christian Louboutin heel got stuck in the escalators at the Vogue parent company’s headquarters today, causing a halt in the machinerys operations. The Internet swiftly spazzed, because only at Vogue would a Christian Louboutin heel ever cause such strife.

Condé Nast director of talent acquisition Katie Turrel shared the sparkling gem of information with the world via her Instagram, and for this we thank her. Of course, this could have been a more serious accident: If the heels owner had been wearing a strapped-on version of the shoe, she might have been seriously injured. Luckily, she opted for Louboutins classic So Kate pumps, which easily slide on and off.

Were super happy no one was hurt, but we also have to confess that we find this hilarious. At no other company would a fashion shoe cause such a faux catastrophe. Keep scrolling to see photos of the incident now and to shop our favourite Louboutins too!

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Meghan Blalock
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