21 Cheap Wedding Dresses That Won't Cost You a Perfect Picture

It's true: You don't have to blow your budget to find a beautiful wedding dress. Sure, we'd all love to splurge on a custom-made Vera Wang or Monique Lhuillier if we could, but it'd be hard to justify such an expense for a dress you're bound to wear just once. If you've already begun shopping for wedding dresses, you've likely noticed how the price tags on most gowns approach the four-digit territory all too easily. Just when it seems fated that you'll spend a fortune on your wedding dress, we're proving that you don't have to put down upward of $1000 to find a dress that makes you feel 100%.

With that in mind, we scoured the internet for the best affordable wedding gowns that we're so excited about (and know you will be too). With a little extra money in your bank account, feel free to book that amazing honeymoon you've had your eye on, or put a deposit down for your dream wedding venue. Keep reading to shop our picks for affordable wedding dresses.