I Used To Weight Lift 5 Days A Week—These Affordable Sports Bras Are The GOAT

Years spent weightlifting five days a week taught me that a workout is as only as good as your sports bra. Whether you're hitting the elliptical or gearing up for a session of HIIT, nothing can subvert the promise of a great sweat more than feeling like your assets aren't fully supported. Even if your workouts tilt more towards weight lifting than cardio, a sports bra that can handle the demand of movement while keeping everything in place is a fitness essential.

Although your home may serve as the backdrop to most of your workouts as of late, a sports bra should still rise to the occasion no matter your environment. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect one to add to my line up and through years of trial and error, I've discovered a few brands and styles that have become my favorites. While luxury activewear has certainly become a saturated market, I found that you really don't have to shell out big bucks for a sports bra that's simultaneously cute and capable. Below, is the culmination of my research. I've rounded up the best budget-friendly sports bras under $50 that offer medium to full sport–no matter your bust size. Keep reading to find your new workout buddy.

Heavy sweat is really no match for Nike's Dri-FIT bra. The material is not only moisture-wicking but will also keep you cooler during intense workouts.

Don't sleep on Target for sports bras; their athletic ranges have some of the best product offerings and prices I've seen on the market. 

The brand all of my friends can't stop raving about. The Tommy is one of the label's more supportive bra styles and features a stylish square neckline. We also love its inclusive sizing– available in sizes XXS to 6XL. 

Three cheers because this beauty is bounce-controlling. 

Asos always nails affordability and style.

The plethora of 5-star reviews don't lie: reviewers love its full coverage support for bigger busts.

If you're truly serious about your activewear, the British retailer is one you shouldn't miss. One of the more affordable bras within their lineup, it's great quality.

Have a larger cup size? This one goes up to a size 50G. 

Sometimes all you want is a no-frills option that's reasonably cheap. At only $16, we'll take it.

So far it's made it through all of my brutal HIIT sessions.

I've been a huge fan of Joylab for years. One of my favorite sports bras of all time–a cobalt blue one that's supportive to a fault and surprisingly sexy, and also sadly out of stock–comes from the label and even surpasses those I've tried that are three times the price.

Jockey isn't really a brand I immediately think of when activewear comes to mind, but this bra surpassed expectations once put to the test. I love the comfortable feel of the molded cups. 

A sports bra I don't mind wearing in public when my workout spills into running errands. 

The mesh on this really adds to the design.

What's an activewear round-up without Outdoor Voices? The softness and comfort of this bra is ideal for strength training days. 

My go-to weekend outfit. It can also stand up to sprints on the treadmill.

I love this bra so much I'm currently plotting on all of the colors. 

From the racerback shape to the material this vaguely reminds me of my favorite Lululemon sports bra, the Enlite, making this a noteworthy dupe.

For my larger chested friends beyond a D-cup, this one comes out on top. 

H&M is like the dark horse of affordable, luxe-looking sportswear. I'm tempted to buy more bra and leggings sets for my more low impact workouts.

During my big box gym days I loved this sports bra for its modest, low-key silhouette.

Zella carries fun, interesting prints should you want a bra to show off.