23 Picks the Average Girl Considers Cheap

I occasionally love crunching numbers (completely different brain stimulus than my daily creative pursuits!) and always love budget buys. Put the two together, and what do you have? A girl who's very curious about how the average woman defines a cheap clothing item. So, I conducted my own (probably unscientific) study with the help of Google forms and our Who What Wear Insiders Facebook group members, who so kindly took my survey. I asked at what price point does an item become affordable across a handful of categories, and averaged all the entries together. The result is a peek into what we collectively consider "cheap." Scroll down to see how it compares to your point of view and to shop some budget picks—below the outlined price caps, of course.

Average Cheap Dress = $62

Lovely on its own or layered with a thin turtleneck underneath.

Our co-founder, Hillary Kerr, wears this easy dress all the time.

Market editor Nicole Akhtarzad currently has this Zara dress in her cart.

Average Cheap Shoes = $61

Red patent! Color us intrigued.

Channel your inner Daria Morgendorffer in these.

Average Cheap Top = $39

There's something a little French about this top.

We recommend zooming in to see the texture on this blouse.

Average Cheap Bag = $104

This baby bag comes in two other colors as well!

Average Cheap Outerwear = $98

Yes, you will live in this all fall long.

The perfect way to dip your toe into the neon trend.

There are a lot of colorful cord suits out there this season, and this is our top pick.

Average Cheap Bottoms = $54

These are kind of funky, and that only makes us like them more.

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