20 Cheap(ish) Picks That Are Haunting My Shopping Cart

The thing about online shopping carts is they're all fine and dandy when you're actually checking out and purchasing an item. But for the noncommittal, product-stalking sort of person that I am, the online shopping cart can serve as a continuous reminder that there is always something else on my wish list that I probably/definitely should buy. Like now.

Don't get me wrong—I'm all for thoughtful, conscious consumption, which is why the practice of keeping an eye on what you want before taking the plunge is something I subscribe to. However, if you're like me, you likely have an ongoing cart on several different sites at all times. And though there's no financially feasible way for me to get everything that I'm lusting after at the moment, I thought I'd highlight my current covetables of the moment. The best part? They're all cheap(ish). No, we're not talking about anything wildly inexpensive, per se, but nothing in the edit below is above $200. In other words, they require an investment but shouldn't break the bank, either.

From the best tactile jacket for autumn to a new wave of statement earrings, scroll down to shop 20 affordable picks that are haunting my shopping cart right now.