8 Ways Fashion CEOs Are Solving the Industry's Pressing Problem

Global Fashion Agenda's CEO Agenda


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One company is known for its cult sneakers. Another owns the industry's most coveted luxury labels. Two other brands can respond to trends at dizzyingly quick speeds. Nike, Kering, H&M, and ASOS all occupy different corners of the industry, but their CEOs have come together to agree on one important thing: the pressing need to address sustainability and fashion's enormous effect on climate change.

They join the top brass from other companies, including Target and PVH Corp., in participating in the CEO Agenda 2019, which outlines eight specific priorities for fashion leaders. Organized by the nonprofit Global Fashion Agenda, the agenda asserts that addressing sustainability is a "business imperative" and not just a passing trend. "Currently total greenhouse gas emissions from textile production amount to 1.2 billion tonnes annually, according to new research from UNFCCC," Global Fashion Agenda explained in a press release. "This is more than the emissions of all international flights and maritime shipping combined."

The agreement details four priorities for companies to focus on: promote supply-chain traceability; combat climate change; use water, energy, and chemicals efficiently; and establish respectful and secure work environments. The four other priorities are a bit more long-term: utilize sustainable materials, achieve a circular fashion system, promote better wage systems, and embrace a new kind of industrial revolution brought on by technology. Intrigued? Head over to the Global Fashion Agenda's website for an in-depth look at the issues.

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