8 New Sneaker Outfits to Wear Anywhere but the Gym

Celebrities lead incredibly hectic lives, so it makes sense that they rely on sneakers to get themselves through busy days as much as they do. Similarly, you're probably quite busy yourself, so having new sneaker outfits to turn to is pretty much essential. And we're not talking about gym and errand sneaker outfits in which you're probably just going to be wearing leggings. It's perfectly acceptable to wear these cool new celeb-approved sneaker outfits outside the gym. Additionally, as we're quickly approaching the start of fall, having fresh outfit ideas at the ready to subtly make that transition to the new season (i.e., not white poplin sundresses with white sneakers) is going to come in handy.

In all honesty, we didn't have to look too hard to find these eight stellar sneaker outfits. Narrowing them down was the hard part, as many celebs than ever are finding unique ways to style their kicks. So save those leggings for barre class and remember to refer to this the next time you're in need of some sneaker outfit inspiration.

Read on to see eight celebrity sneaker looks that are worthy of copying and shop some of our favorite kicks on the market.