The One Shoe Style 10 Celebs Never Wear

With stylists at their disposal, celebrities have access to pieces from the coolest fashion brands but also the wisdom of experts who are putting outfits together for them on the regular. What that means is they’re able to wear a constant stream of stylish looks and avoid the pitfalls of fashion mistakes. So what pieces do they wear on the regular and which ones aren’t in their closets?

I did some investigating to find out. Recently, I was studying outfits of some of the biggest celebs and noticed that there are certain shoe styles that are absent from their outfits. Dated styles like wedge sneakers and round-toe shoes are notably absent, while on-trend styles like slingback heels and sleek boots grace many of their closets. Ahead, see the one shoe you’ll never see 10 popular celebrities wearing and shop the styles they wear on the regular.