8 Celebrities Who Had Impossibly Good Style as Kids


SGranitz/Getty Images

It should come as no surprise that with the massive resurgence of all things '90s fashion would produce a strong sense of nostalgia for the decade's most iconic celebrities and all the throwback photos the internet can serve up. Fashion's cyclical nature tends to recycle past trends every so often, meaning that a walk down memory lane (or, in this case, a deep dive into the Getty Images archive) is sure to produce a plethora of style inspiration that seems more relevant than ever today.

That's exactly how this particular story came about. As I was 10 pages deep into '90s photo archives, I came across an image of a young Scarlett Johansson dressed in a near-identical outfit to something I had just come across in my Instagram feed earlier that day. It involved plastic hair clips and a pair of chunky platform sandals—two trends that, ironically or not, have reared their heads again in 2018. But it got me thinking that if a 13-year-old ScarJo was predicting current trends as a kid, then there had to be even more celebs who served up good style back in the day too.

Behold all the photos from my nostalgic image research that prove certain stars had good style since day one. From a young Zoë Kravitz to a dreamy teenage Leonardo DiCaprio, go on to see (and get inspired by) the outfits celebrities wore as kids.

So many "aww"-inducing moments.