This Blogger Has a Message for All Plus-Size Brides

When you're newly engaged, there's a lot to think about. One of the biggest and most exciting decisions you have to make is what to wear on your wedding day! It's probably one of the most important garments you'll wear your entire life. However, there a lot of other important things to remember on your wedding day, and thanks to blogger Callie Thorpe, we were reminded of just that. 

Our friends at PopSugar provided a sneak peek into Thorpe's gorgeous wedding, as well as some of her innermost thoughts. Here's what she had to say: "I would like to say this one thing to brides to be everywhere, plus-size or not, do not feel you have to change yourself or your size to be happy on your wedding day. You are deserving of happiness no matter what your size, and you will still be the most beautiful person in the room next to your love because you will be glowing with the love you have for each other. The happy ending is for everyone so please, please let yourself have it." Aside from the fact that she looked amazing in her dress, her words are such a positive reminder of what getting married is all about. Congratulations, Callie!

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite photos from her big day and even shop the very same gown she wore!

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