Spend Less Than $150, Nail This Summer Dress Trend

Every summer, there seems to be that one dress style that we can't escape. First we spot it on the Instagram feeds of fashion girls, and then suddenly, it's everywhere we look, online and at our favorite stores. Last summer, it was off-the-shoulder dresses that dominated. This year, a new dress style is emerging, and we're already calling it: Button-front dresses will be the biggest summer dress trend of 2018.

Whether they're mini, midi, sleeveless, or with puff sleeves, button-front dresses are the versatile style you need in your closet ASAP. As if that wasn't enough to get us giddy about all the summer activities we'll look so stylish wearing it to, it won't break your budget to nail the trend. The best styles we've seen yet? They're all under $150. So get yourself into a button-front dress as soon as humanly possible so you can wear it for the rest of the season.

Go on to see the cool ways fashion girls are styling the dress, and then shop our favorite affordable picks.

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