My Budget Is Basically Zero, But I'm Prioritizing These 28 Cheap Pieces for Fall



Yes, I said it. My budget is nonexistent, yet here I am doing a shopping story. It might not make sense, but it's happening. Welcome to my life… Not that this is an extraordinary predicament; I'm sure everyone knows the struggle of wanting something that you can't necessarily obtain. Working at Who What Wear, I am inundated day in and day out with high-end fashion that I absolutely want to add to my cart. Would I love a matte black Dior saddle bag? Clearly. But I would also love to pay my rent and buy groceries, so when I allow myself an indulgence, I'm sticking with budget-friendly under-$100 picks

Just so we're all on the same page, a budget-friendly price tag doesn't mean you have to compromise on trends or style—just look at all the affordable pieces we spotted at New York Fashion Week. You do, however, have to get crafty with what pieces you buy—and maybe even when you buy them. (My parents don't call me Payday G for nothing.) I like to stick to items that aren't too obviously trendy and that I can wear in multiple ways over the next couple of months. Take the above plaid shacket from H&M. For early fall, it works as a light jacket for cool evenings; for winter, I'll use it as a layering piece underneath a puffer. 

Ahead, shop that versatile shacket and 27 other under-$100 pieces I'm prioritizing for fall. 

At 5'9", I'm a big fan of Levi's Ribcage jeans, which nip in right where I like them to above my waist. 

Wear this buttoned up on its own or open over a tank or turtleneck. 

I love anything sheer. Just make sure you have the right items on underneath. 

Paired with the above turtleneck, this skirt makes the perfect early fall outfit. 

I picked up the above cheap ring on a whim, and it's brought me joy every day since.

The coolest Converse style I've seen in a minute. 

I bought this the other day, and I can't wait to layer it over basically everything.

…and wear it with these. (I'm telling you: You cannot have too many pairs of these Ribcage jeans.)

I'd probably wear those cool Converse sneakers with this dress. 

Okay, I bought this too. Am I out of control?

I have one of these and wear it as a crossbody bag all the time. It's especially good for hiking and weekends in Upstate New York. 

This looks way more expensive than it actually is—especially paired with black trousers. 

I'll take any motivation I can get to go to the gym. 

Starting with a sparkly workout set. 

I love how this does the layering for you. 

Can't stop the mock croc. Won't stop the mock croc. 

Prediction: You buy this. You wear it under a denim jacket. You go to an apple orchard. Everything is cute. 

A budget-friendly all-black look in three acts. This is act one. 

Act three: Choose your own finale with Everlane's choose-what-you-pay pricing option. Pay as little as $84 or as much as $112. Up to you!

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