Getting-Ready Outfits for All Your Bridesmaids


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While a wedding is, arguably, all about the couple, there’s nothing like a stylish twinning moment for the whole wedding party when getting ready for the big day. And hey, it doesn’t hurt that a group of bridesmaids all dressed in matching silk robes or button-down pajama sets is pretty Instagram-friendly if we do say so ourselves.

When seeking the best getting-ready outfit for your bridesmaids, it’s important to find something that is going to be comfortable and easy, especially considering that everyone is going to be wearing these looks when their getting hair and makeup done. As such, we’re huge proponents of button-front tops, wrap robes, and tanks with forgiving necklines. Whether a coordinated set of floral silks for all your favorite ladies or tanks and swimsuits (yes, they double as bodysuits that will perfectly preserve your hair and makeup!) that read “bride squad,” the sky’s the limit.

In all their personalized glory, these 20 getting-ready outfits for all your bridesmaids are also next-level chic. Can’t pick just one? Consider gifting one for the bachelorette party as well. Shop them all below and prepare to be inspired for your big day.

From robes to sleeping sets to necklaces and totes alike, your bridal party will be coordinated like none other.