The 5-Minute Trick to Getting Effortlessly Glowy Skin

One problem I have during the summer is that I want that amazing, glowy, sun-kissed skin, but I really can't get to a beach or pool enough for it. This is especially true right now because I haven't planned any upcoming vacations, and I'm getting extremely jealous of everyone else's just-back-from-a-trip tans. And that's not to mention I've been trying to cool it with the poolside tanning in an effort to protect my skin against harmful UV rays.

So what can I do that doesn't involve a tanning bed? I could get a spray tan, but that's never ended well for me. And I could try self-tanners, but sometimes I don't have the time to apply carefully.

Well, here's where body bronzers come in handy. They give you that glowy look in just a few minutes, so it doesn't take that much time to prep before you go out. And if you really want to go for it, you can even use a body bronzer to define and contour. Personally, I'm not that skilled, so I just like to apply a light layer of bronzer for a nice, healthy glow. The best part, though? Speaking of not being that skilled, if you do mess up, you can just wash it off.

Take a look at some highly rated body bronzers below.



This product can be used on the face and body to reflect light and blur. It's like a BB cream and leaves a natural-looking tint. The formula also contains nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and vitamin E.

Pai's bronzing and luminizing drops not only give you a radiant glow but also hydrate your skin. You can either apply the drops directly to your skin or mix them with lotion or sunscreen.

This creamy bronzing product makes skin so radiant with glittery pigment and illuminating pearls. It even has a coconut fragrance to really make you feel like you're at the beach. It also comes in two different shades that can work with a variety of skin tones.

This skin-perfecting body bronzer has the added benefit of some good-for-the-skin ingredients like avocado, coconut, chia seed, and eucalyptus leaf oils.

Nyx's body bronzer has a creamy texture with soft pearls to make the skin really glow. The blendable formula leaves a satin finish.

If you prefer a product that isn't a powder, you'll like this bronzing serum. It leaves a nice, luminous glow and nourishes the skin with antioxidants and organic extracts.

Here's another liquid bronzer—in fact, it's described as a "bronzing water." The quick-drying formula enhances and prolongs your tan. It has a universal shade that works on many skin tones. Other ingredients include black and red tea extracts for antioxidant protection and fruit active essence to tone the skin.

L'Oréal's body bronzer is streak-free and long-lasting with color-correcting pigments and vitamin E. It's also sweat- and transfer-resistant, which is great news because who wants to get the product on your clothes or even things you sit on?

This bronzing serum has protective benefits, too. It defends against pollution and environmental stressors. The liquid formula contains cocoa extract, platinum peptides, and Chronocyclin (which has similar antioxidant benefits as vitamin D).

Morphe's face-and-body bronzer has buildable color, so you can go with a light tint or something that's even warmer. There are five different shades to choose from that will work with light to rich skin tones.

This mineral-based highlighter gives you a golden glow and offers SPF 15 sun protection.

Made with Amazonian clay, Tarte's face-and-body bronzer is long-lasting and natural-looking.

This superfine powder blends into the skin flawlessly and leaves a nice, sun-kissed glow.

This face-and-body lotion gives you an instant tan that will last for 24 hours. You'll want to apply it with a mitt and remove it with soap and water. It's water- and transfer-resistant, too. 

Fenty Beauty's shimmering body tint is lightweight and subtle and has buildable coverage. The gel-cream formula glides on so easily and lasts for a long time without sweating off or transferring onto clothes.

More Body Products for Glowing Skin

This body oil will both moisturize and illuminate the skin. It contains ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, magnolia bark extract, olive oil, and squalane.

The coolest thing about this oil is it's infused with diamond powder—yes, diamonds! Not only will it leave your skin with an amazing glow, but it will also support collagen.

Goop's lightweight body lotion and luminizer is formulated with light-reflecting materials. Ingredients include Australian Kakadu plum, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and squalane.

This face-and-body liquid highlighter is infused with sunflower oil and vitamin E to moisturize and soften the skin.

Leaving a high-shine, dewy finish, this liquid luminizer comes in four different shades. It has a sheer tint of color that makes you look absolutely glowing.

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