Ryan Reynolds: Blake Lively Is 'Really Intense' When She Gets Dressed

If we could be privvy to the private lives of any celebrity couple, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds would be high on our list of those upon whom we desire to eavesdrop. And a recent interview Reynolds gave to AOL just confirms our wishes.

Speaking on his wife's continued status as a fashion icon, Reynolds verifies what we all secretly suspected: that Lively doesn't fool around when it comes to getting dressed every day.

"I see a totally destroyed closet, bedroom, and kitchen," Reynolds told AOL. "I don't even know how shoes got in the freezer. There's kung fu involved. It's really intense."

We know why her shoes are in the freezer, Ryan! She's probably stretching them out so they don't hurt her feet as much. As a seasoned red carpet pro, Lively surely knows exactly what she is doing.

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