What People Actually Say About Birkenstocks

It's no secret one of our favorite online shopping activities is combing through customer reviews. Over the past year, we've shared the sneakers with over 10,000 positive reviews, the black leggings with the best customer ratings, and the three bras real women swear by (to point out a few).

On the same note, today we're bringing you the top Birkenstock reviews from online Nordstrom shoppers. While the shoe style is a polarizing topic in the fashion industry, it turns out when it comes to their rating, the below sandals fall on the popular side with an enormous number of positive ratings. Keep reading to see what shoppers actually say about Birkenstock sandals.

Below, shop the Birkenstocks with the best online reviews on Nordstrom.

Rating: 4.6/5

Number of reviews: 466

Top reviews: "I have been a Birkenstock fan for 3 years both because they are so comfortable and also versatile enough to wear with or without socks. The new Arizona adds more comfort with the soft footbed. I highly recommend them."online Nordstrom customer

"Love these iconic shoes. I wear them with skirts, dresses, shorts, leggings & jeans. Unsurpassed comfort & style."online Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.5/5

Number of reviews: 503

Top reviews: "Comfy classic in a fun modern color. Been wearing Birkenstocks for over 20 years & these are by far my favorite. Constantly get compliments— even my young daughters want a pair."online Nordstrom customer

"The only summer/fall sandal needed! They are so comfortable and fit nicely. These shoes provide great arch support and are extremely stylish. I normally wear a 6.5–7. These shoes run slightly big so I ordered them in a 6. These are my first pair of birks and I will be ordering a couple more."online Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.8/5

Number of reviews: 20

Top reviews: "Amazing! I have other Birks (Arizona as well) which took some time to break in, but these were perfect right out of the box. Love them… I would totally wear them with socks or tights…I don't even care lol they are so comfy and supportive."online Nordstrom customer

"Love these Birks! They are super comfortable with lots of coziness and warmth. True to Birk sizing. These sandals can be worn through the fall into early winter!"online Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.7/5

Number of reviews: 140

Top reviews: "These Birkenstock Boston shoes are amazing and I love them. I can't say enough about the color and comfort."online Nordstrom customer

"Had them before but sold I them and regretted it! I thankfully found out they still made these and I'm getting them again. These are the most comfortable clogs I own and they look really cute on! Make sure to use a protectant to guard against scuff marks. You'll love these!"online Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.9/5

Number of reviews: 957

Top reviews: "I bought these Birkenstocks in brown and they are so comfortable! I can wear them with any outfit and it looks stylish. I also have a pair in the Arizona style and love those also. I will be purchasing more in the future. If you're on the edge about buying them, Do it! They are worth it."online Nordstrom customer

"I ordered a new pair of Birkenstock's to take on my trip. After landing in Bangkok I walked all over the city in them. The support was great, and with the silver straps they were ok to get into most establishments with a dress code."online Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.6/5

Number of reviews: 81

Top reviews: "These are my first pair of Birks and I love them already! The color is neutral enough to wear with anything. They were comfy right out of the box for me and I have a wider foot. Waiting on a pair of Arizona's, hope they are just as great!"online Nordstrom customer

"This color goes with everything! Super comfortable, especially after a few wearings-they mold to your feet. Unique style compared to other Birkenstocks. They run a little large-I needed to go down 1/2 size from American sizing."online Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.2/5

Number of reviews: 86

Top reviews: "Stylish, comfortable, cute and great for long walks. Birks never let you down. I have this style in light brown and black. My go-to sandal."online Nordstrom customer

"These are fantastic! We have a few other style and these are our new favorite!"online Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.5/5

Number of reviews: 88

Top reviews: "Love these Birkenstock clogs!! It's soft and fuzzy, looks cute when you wear them with long socks! Purchased them in the black color! However, they do kinda run small so I suggest going a size up!"online Nordstrom customer

"I ordered these and they happened to arrive right on my birthday. They are soft but stable. If wearing my long puffer coat is like wearing my down comforter to work on winter mornings, these clogs are like wearing shearling slippers with good arch support and the classic Northwest Birk look. So happy with my purchase!!"online Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.9/5

Number of reviews: 589

Top reviews: "I LOVE this shoe! I would highly recommend it. There was no need to break them in because they are already so durable. They go with all my casual wear. I am a 7.5, so I tried on an 8 in stores. The 8 was a tad too big, so I ordered the 7 shipped to my house and they fit like a dream! I plan on having these shoes for years to come!"online Nordstrom customer

"Great for your feet! Everyone must own a pair of Birkenstock shoes. They provide better support for feet, which helps my feet feel strong enough to withstand wearing high heels long hours."online Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4/5

Number of reviews: 18

Top reviews: "I absolutely love these slippers. I was looking for something very comfortable, but sturdy. I like a sole on my slipper since I have wood floors and my feet and legs get tired when in socks or an unsupported slipper. I love the red color (fun when wearing with boring loungewear) and the way they make my feet feel. I am going to buy a second pair to wear in my office."online Nordstrom customer

"Love Birkenstock’s, but this was my first pair of slippers. Thought they might be too hot because of the shearling, but they’re not. Glad I gave them a try!"online Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4/5

Number of reviews: 50

Top reviews: "These sandals are exactly what I was looking for. It has the comfort that Birkenstock is known for without being too bulky, which is my main complaint for some of the other styles."online Nordstrom customer

"Absolutely LOVE these shoes! I have gotten so many compliments on them! I think because the footbed is white they are more flattering than most other Birkenstock sandals. They seem more narrow which also makes them not look like your typical Birkenstock. The footbed is super soft leather which makes them super comfy! I have a ton of Birkenstock sandals and wear them all but these are my new favorite! I also have them in silver!! Love them!!!"online Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.5/5

Number of reviews: 129

Top reviews: "I am so glad I made this purchase! The T-strap makes them less "crunchy" looking and they are incredibly comfortable. Like clouds for your feet! I wore them for the first time on a trip to the zoo and packed tennis shoes just in case which was totally not necessary. This will definitely be my go-to sandal this summer!"online Nordstrom customer

"These sandals are comfy! The high arch makes this sandal easy to walk in, as I have high arches feet. This has become my dailies. I get asked a lot of those were comfortable and without a doubt I recommend them to my friends and family."online Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.5/5

Number of reviews: 114

Top reviews: "What's always nice about Birkenstocks is that they are classic. They have adjustable straps, which are great. These fit very well, and I expect them to last for 10+ years as my previous pair did. I love to wear them while cooking or ironing, as they support my feet well. The only disappointing thing is that the uppers are NOT leather. Some parts of the sandal (maybe the lining?) is leather, but not the straps. Too bad."online Nordstrom customer

"I have been looking for these sandals for a long time, having worn out my last pair. I was hesitant about ordering them, sight unseen, but they were the perfect size. I adjusted the straps to my feet and off I went. I like that they are different but you can wear them all day and not get tired! Love them!"online Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.2/5

Number of reviews: 81

Top reviews: "I've always heard good things about this brand but never liked how they looked on my feet until I found these. Can't believe I've gone this long without owning a pair because these are by far the most comfortable sandals I've ever worn. I work 10 hr days and had no issues by the end of the day and didn't need to break them in. I normally wear a 6.5 but went a size down based off reviews and the 5/5.5 fit perfect."—online Nordstrom customer

"Very comfortable. Straps were soft and adjustable. I bought them for better support for my feet since I developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot. In just the first week of wearing these, my foot was better and the pain went away! Loved the style too!"online Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.1/5

Number of reviews: 8

Top reviews: "What a fantastic sandal! They are comfortable right out of the box, so much so, that I forgot about my problem feet the first time I wore them, which is saying something. Comfort doesn't mean sacrificing good looks though. These sandals are very attractive on the foot. They don't look clunky like so much of the comfort footwear out there does. I'm glad I bought both the black and brown pairs. They are going to be my go-to sandals this summer."online Nordstrom customer

"I got these in the gold and they are awesome. They go with everything and are very easy to wear. I need the arch support so I can wear them all day. You can dress them up or down. Very happy with this purchase."online Nordstrom customer

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