Want to Be a Stylist? Read These 4 Sentences First

On its surface, being a celebrity stylist seems like a pretty amazing job. You have nearly unlimited access to beautiful clothes all around the country (or even the world!), and you get to spend time with celebrities all day. Plus, when your clients are complimented for their amazing looks, you get to take the credit! What fashion girl wouldn’t want to that for a living if they could? Of course, like with any job, all that fun doesn’t come without hard work first.

If you’re looking to begin your career as a stylist, it’s best to get all the facts from the experts before diving in. Racked recently tapped Beyoncé’s Lemonade stylist, Newheart Ohanian (okay seriously, we would want that job too), on any advice she might have for all the aspiring stylists out there. Here’s what she had to say: “Don’t do it! [Laughs.] It’s a lot of hard work and dedication; it’s not as glamorous as it seems on the outside. I literally feel like it’s one of the hardest jobs, as far as hard labor is concerned. … You really have to love it; you have to be married to it, and it has to be a part of you, and if it’s not, it’ll feel like a very stressful job." There you have it—it’s not all glitz and glamour, but loving what you do can go a long way. Be sure to head over to Racked to read the full interview.

In the meantime, scroll on to shop some of the best picks from our favorite stylists-turned-designers!

Celebrities from Taylor Swift to Reese Witherspoon love this line

A strappy off-the-shoulder top is the must-have silhouette of the summer.

Wear this now with slides and a choker necklace, and layer it with a turtleneck and ankle boots come fall. 

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