All Hail Beyoncé for Showing Us the Coziest Weekend Outfit EVER

A mere week ago, Beyoncé released upon the world her latest surprise drop, a music video for her new song “7/11” that consists of little more than her dancing around in sweatshirts and underwear, wearing kneepads, and further proving to the whole world that she is, indeed, “fresher than you.”

The good news here is that the style Beyoncé rocks in the video is perhaps her easiest to emulate ever. Throw on an oversized, cozy sweatshirt, add a set of menswear-inspired underwear, put on your favorite soft socks, and you’re ready to roll. In other words, it’s perfect for Thanksgiving weekend.

In honor of Queen Bey’s easy loungewear style, we rounded up some sweatshirts and undies that pair well together. You’re welcome!

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