I Tried 3 Top-Rated V-Neck Tees on Amazon—Here Are My Brutally Honest Reviews

Sometimes it's the seemingly basic items that end up being the hardest to find. For me it's the perfect t-shirt that I always have trouble with—the fit needs to be perfect, the material has to be comfortable, and the length needs to be just right. I'm also one of those people who needs a plethora of different silhouettes in my t-shirt collection so that whether my outfit calls for a fitted, tucked in look or a voluminous, oversize look, I have just the tee. 

Since shopping for t-shirts online is particularly difficult (as trying them on is necessary to ensure the perfect fit), I turn to reviews to guide me. If a t-shirt has thousands of positive reviews it feels pretty safe to at least order and try it on at home. I did some sifting through Amazon recently, scouring reviews for the top-rated t-shirts, so I decided to do a little try on haul and share my honest thoughts. Amazon reviewers tend to be brutally honest, which makes it easier to find the pieces worth buying. Below are my reviews of each of the best v-neck t-shirts on Amazon, and which one I'll be ordering in more colors ASAP.  


Ignoring my dusty mirror (sorry!), this classic white v-neck is made of incredibly soft material. It does wrinkle easily so I steamed if before trying it on, but I think it's worth it in terms of comfort level. I tried on size XS and the fit is somewhere in the middle of fitted and oversize, but it tucks in nicely. It's a bit longer in the back than in the front which isn't typically my style but that's all personal preference. If you like more of a relaxed fit without being too oversize, this is the v-neck for you. 

It comes in 8 neutral colors and has over 500 positive reviews, so I think it's safe to call this t-shirt a hit. 


First off, this material is beyond comfortable—as cozy as your favorite pajamas. It has much more of an oversize fit compared to the other two. I tried on an XS and as you can see, even with it tucked in it still looks voluminous. The material is also much thicker than the other two, so I would save this one for fall and winter given the weight of the material and long sleeves. But it is by far one of the softest t-shirts I've ever tried on and it feels much more expensive than it is (I would never guess it was only $19). It's long enough to wear around the house with leggings, but also looks cute tucked into jeans, making it the perfect casual t-shirt. 

A less dusty mirror so you can see the fit better. 


Meet my new favorite t-shirt. It's fitted, but not skin tight, so tucking it into jeans is no problem but it still feels relaxed. The material is weighty but feels brushed so it's ultra-soft. The V-neckline comes down to the perfect spot on your chest—not too high and not too low where you need to worry about your bra peeking out. I would 10/10 buy this in more colors and recommend it to my friends when they come to me in search of the perfect tee. 

There are 9 color options and I may need all of them—no lie. 

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