The Best Underwear Brands, According to Women Everywhere

Your underwear is something that should not be overlooked. Considering you likely wear this particular item every single day with various clothing types, doing a little research on the best underwear brands might do you a lot of good. Now, we could sit here and fire off our favorite underwear brands based on style and designers that are trending right now, but instead, we dug into the depths of the lingerie world to find the best underwear ever, according to real women.

And by real women, we mean the lovely ladies who were kind enough to leave raving reviews about the products they love and trust. Below, discover the four best underwear brands according to unanimous customer reviews across multiple large retailers. Here, you can shop the best sellers from each of the winning brands and read a little sneak peak of the customer reviews that stuck out the most to us. Ready to finally have comfortable underwear? Ones that make you forget you're even wearing any at all? Yeah, we thought so.