Celebrity Hairstylists Never Travel Without These 39 Essentials

As someone who is extremely hair inept, I'm constantly looking to celebrities and their amazing hairstylists for ultimate inspiration. Whether it's cut, color, product recommendations, or a super-chic style, I want (and need) all the help I can get when it comes to re-creating the stunning looks I see on Instagram and the red carpet. Of course, I'd be kidding myself if I thought I'd ever have the same skill level as the masters who cater to Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid, and Kim Kardashian West, but I can take stock of the essential products they travel with to create drool-worthy styles for their A-list clientele.

So, on the hunt for the most effective and travel-efficient hair products, I asked six of the most sought-after stylists in the industry to share what's in their travel kits. From the best blow-dryers and flat irons to bring on the fly to the most reliable hair sprays and accessories, I'm revealing the secret contents of stylists' suitcases and carry-ons below. Keep scrolling!

Chris Appleton: Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian West, Katy Perry



The Hair Dryer

“A Dyson—the technology is like no other and allows for different speeds and heat settings to best suit whatever hair type you're working with."

The Styling Tools

"Harry Josh's curling and flat irons—I've found that the ceramic plates create the least amount of damage."

The Styling Products

"I never travel without the Color Security Shampoo. It gives the hair and scalp a really deep clean to remove any leftover product buildup, which can weigh down the hair and make color look dull."

"I love Dream Coat because it really is a texture transformer! The anti-humidity technology can turn the most challenging frizzy hair into the smooth, shiny silky hair of your dreams! Perfect for creating the foundation for a super-sleek look or a snatched pony." 

"For added shine and smoothness, the Pop & Lock gloss treatment provides amazing shine while adding moisture. It can be used in many different ways and is very versatile. I love using it on ponytails or even sleek looks because it helps to control flyaways while still being super weightless, so the hair doesn’t look weighed down or greasy."

"For one last finishing touch, I love using the Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray because it creates that luxurious, glass-like shine and texture. I'm known for my luxe hair, and this product really gives strands the rich, glossy finish I'm after."

Cervando Maldonado: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman



The Hair Dryer

"I love this blow-dryer because it has high-velocity airflow so that you can blow the hair out and achieve textured or smooth looks in a time-efficient manner. Also, this is one that lasts a long time, despite being dropped repeatedly, and is lighter weight."

The Styling Tools

"I love this one because it has a temperature gauge that’s easy to use on different types of hair. It helps to achieve a long-lasting, very defined curl."

"This one is easy to pack and can be used for many different styles. You can easily create waves with a flat iron tool as well!"

The Styling Products

"This mousse can be used on most types of hair to give volume or to create great texture."

"I'm a big fan of this classic product because it holds hair well, it's easy to brush through, and is always reliable in daily use or on set."

"This styling product is great for both men and women. For men, it helps to style hair and keep it in place without looking greasy. On women, I love to use it to tame flyaways and create definition throughout the hair."

Jenda Alcorn: Elle & Dakota Fanning, Lucy Liu



The Hair Dryer

"Since I'm often traveling to Europe and the UK, I actually have an assortment of dryers from each country that can plug right into the outlet of whatever city I'm in. The majority of professional tools I love in the U.S. will blow, even if you have the converter from the hotel, which I learned the hard way! If I'm traveling in the U.S. though, I love BaByliss."

The Styling Tools

"A couple of years ago, T3 changed the game (and my life!) by being the first company I knew of to incorporate technology into their hot tools so that they could be plugged into an adaptor overseas and not blow. That was huge for me because I regularly use their curling irons here, and it’s so nice to be able to use a tool you are comfortable with. I travel with every size curling iron!"

"Whether I'm in the U.S. or overseas, I always use the BaByliss flat irons."

The Styling Products

"I always travel with a deep-conditioning mask for my clients. If we have a trip with a lot of heat styling and multiple looks, I like to be able to take care of the hair and keep it really hydrated so it looks shiny and healthy. I love all the Kérastase masks. A favorite is the Magistral Masque."

"I always need a good detangler/leave-in conditioner.
The water quality and weather can vary for each city, so if the hair feels a bit tangly or like it needs extra protection, I use a leave-in. I mix it up and try new ones all the time, but both Oribe and L’Oréal make some of my favorites."

"Hair spray—because most of my travel involves red carpets, I absolutely couldn't survive without hair spray! I’m not big on a lot of product, as I prefer moveable hair, so I favor the lightweight sprays that aren’t heavy. Again, I like the light-hold options from both Oribe and L'Oréal as they're easy to layer depending on what kind of look we're creating."

"I always travel with an assortment of hair accessories just in case. I have a collection from Jennifer Behr and Lelet NY in my kit at all times." 

Matthew Collins: Joey King, Camila Mendes, Cindy Crawford

The Hair Dryer

"I always travel with my Dyson Supersonic. The shape allows it to fit perfectly into my carry-on. I love to bring the diffuser attachment for my own hair. It’s smaller and more compact than other tools I have traveled with in the past. It is also very lightweight and doesn’t make my carry-on heavy as I tote it around all day."

The Styling Tool

"My newest travel must-have is my Dyson Corrale hair straightener. The charge lasts and the battery won’t drain when not in use. It also works in all international electric outlet variations. It folds up nicely and comes with a beautiful tracking case to protect it."

The Styling Products

"I never travel without my L'Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil, as flying dries everything out and this allows me to avoid static and dryness whenever needed."

"I also always bring Morning After Dust, which is a dry shampoo that adds a lot of texture to the hair. This allows me to avoid those wash days if need be."

"The last thing I never leave home without is a small bag of bobby pins and black elastic cords. As a hairstylist, you always need good bobby pins for any hairstyle, and I prefer cord over elastics because it is more versatile. I can use it to tie up a pony or as an accessory woven into the hair."

Justine Marjan: Laura Harrier, Ashley Graham, Jasmine Sanders

The Hair Dryer

"If I am flying domestically, I always have the GHD Helios Hairdryer with me. It is super lightweight, ergonomic, and dries the hair quickly thanks to its Aeroprecis patented technology that directs and concentrates the airflow."

"If I am flying internationally, the GHD Flight Dryer has dual-voltage, folds up easily to fit in a suitcase, and comes with a small and chic travel carry case. It’s super powerful for its size!"

The Styling Tools

"I love the GHD Glide Hot Brush because it makes it easy to quickly smooth the hair and de-frizz, especially when I’m on vacation and don’t want to spend a ton of time styling my hair."

"However, if I am traveling for work, I always bring the GHD Platinum+ Styler because the rounded edges make it easy to create for sleek and wavy looks using only one tool."

The Styling Products

"These snap clips are amazing for quickly pulling the hair into a bun without worrying about any strands falling out or for dressing up the hairline when the hair is down. They can also be worn in a variety of different ways, making it easy to get many looks from one accessory when you’re traveling."

"I always have dry shampoo on vacation so I can extend the lifespan of my style and spend less time primping. This absorbs excess oil without leaving a starchy residue on the hair."

"This is another trick for extending the lifespan of my style when traveling. Hotel pillows can be too harsh on our hair, leaving the hair messy, frizzy, or dull when you wake up. I bring my own silk pillowcase so that my hair stays smooth while I sleep."

Laura Polko: Gigi Hadid, Lucy Hale, Adriana Lima



The Hair Dryer

"I never go anywhere without my T3 Featherweight Compact Dryer! It has the power of a full-sized dryer and is dual voltage so it works internationally. It folds up so small and is so easy to pack in my suitcase."

The Styling Tools

"The T3 Convertible Collection is essential for my travel kit! There is one interchangeable base and seven different barrels, so instead of having to pack seven different full-sized curling irons, I just need one base and pack all of my barrels in the carrying tote. It’s so great to keep my kit light but also have all of the necessary tools I might need for the job."

The Styling Products

"I have them all organized just in case!"

"This product is so great for blending the hairline."

"I always have a cord of black elastic for super, super tight ponytails with no bumps."

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