Of All the Things TikTok Has Made Me Buy, These 17 Were Worth It

In case you hadn't heard, TikTok is officially the biggest trend-maker across fashion, beauty, home, and beyond. All it takes is one viral post about a worthwhile product to send the entire internet into a fury of reviews looking to replicate the stellar results. And TikTokers don't hold back, so you'd better believe that once an item gets the community's stamp of approval, it's bound to sell out. Fast.

I've grown to love scrolling through TikTok to keep up with my Gen Z besties and do my fair share of testing of the most-hyped products they love. Whether it's a foundation Mikayla Nogueira loves or a pair of denim blowing up on "FashionTok," I'm not afraid to make an impulse purchase based on the widespread endorsement of TikTokers from across the globe.

Of all the things TikTok has made me buy, I'm sure you can imagine I've experienced some major fails. (Don't get me started on the onion chopping tool that broke after one use.) But ahead, check out the 16 items I love and would recommend. Keep scrolling for the best TikTok items across beauty, fashion, and home items I'm so glad to have found.




Between the glowing endorsements from Gigi Hadid, Madison Beer, and literally everyone on TikTok, I had no choice but to try this. Spoiler alert: It's amazing. It's the perfect base for glowy, summer makeup, but can also be worn on its own for the ultimate no-makeup look. We love a multifunctional product!

I'll try anything to get feathered, laminated-looking brows and this wax works better than just about anything out there. And I've tried everything, so that's saying a lot.

When I said I'd try anything for snatched brows, I meant it. I saw some makeup artists posting about this glycerin soap that's apparently a backstage staple that tons of MUAs use. It takes some work to get the application just right and I'll admit that it's kind of trippy to smear actual soap into your brows, but ultimately it does work and is among the cheapest alternatives available.

The buzz around this drugstore concealer is unreal. Seriously, everyone on TikTok (and in every other pocket of the internet, honestly) is obsessed. Count me among them, because I, too, was shook by how amazing this it is. My favorite thing is that it doesn't require setting powder. And for only $4? Get it.

This foundation balm went gangbusters on TikTok a couple of months back, and to this day it's still hard to get. I was lucky enough to snag one before my shade sold out, and while I'm not sure I'm as taken with it as some of the rave reviewers online, I think it's a really innovative product that could make for the prettiest dewy makeup looks.

I'm not new to Rare Beauty, and in fact, it's one of my favorite makeup brands right now. But this blush (which I've already tried and love) has gotten so much love on TikTok that I had to branch out and try some new shades I normally wouldn't reach for.




These are the most flattering jeans ever. I saw multiple fashion TikTokers who are petite like me try them on, so I already knew the fit would be on point. I'm so excited to wear them all summer.

I love sunglasses but have a bad habit for losing and/or breaking them more often than I care to admit. These cheap ones are so cute and on-trend, so when I saw influencers going up for them I immediately hopped on the bandwagon.

I don't know about you, but I plan to be outside this summer. I haven't seen a pool or beach in ages, but this cheap suit was too good to pass up. I can confirm that the quality is excellent for just $20.

My favorite fashion girls have been creating the best looks with oversize leather blazers, so I've had this item on my wish list for a minute. I had never shopped at Princess Polly before I saw a few TikTokers unboxing huge hauls from the retailer. I picked up this vegan leather blazer and am truly obsessed with it. I'd better hurry up and wear it before the weather heats up too much.

Skincare and Bodycare



There are tons of vitamins and supplements TikTokers can't stop recommending, and chlorophyll is one of them. I hopped on the chlorophyll train when I heard folks talking about how mixing it into water helps with regulating and even eliminating body odor. As someone who's tried to stay true to natural deodorants over the last year, but still struggling to find one that's truly effective for me, this benefit spoke to me on a deep level! I haven't noticed any crazy results just yet, but I'm willing to stick with it.

To be totally transparent, I bought this BHA solution before I realized just how popular it is on TikTok. But when I say everyone loves it, I'm not exaggerating. From actual dermatologists to knowledgable skincare enthusiasts and even beginners crowd-sourcing the best skincare advice from the "SkinTock" community, this exfoliating solution is a winner.

Hunching over my computer all day is finally catching up to me in the form of tight shoulders and muscle soreness that just won't quit. When I saw these foam neck and cervical spine stretchers blowing up on TikTok, I immediately got one. A popular user posted about the one I bought and the endorsement got so much attention that the item is currently sold out, but here's a similar alternative that functions in the exact same way. Laying on this contraption to loosen my neck and shoulders in the evenings has become one of my favorite ways to end the night.

This OTC benzocaine spray is meant to tone down discomfort from minor burns, bug bites, and scrapes but the word on the TikTok streets is that it can also make waxing exponentially less painful. According to many users, spraying it on the areas you're waxing a few minutes prior essentially numbs the skin so ripping out and hair feels less torturous. I'll admit that I haven't tried this out yet, but I've got my spray locked and loaded for swimsuit season.




Everyone is obsessed with this hand soap that dispenses in the shape of a flower, but I didn't really get it until I snagged a bottle for myself. It's utterly delightful. If you're looking for an area of life to infuse a tiny bit of joy, why not target one of the most essential practices we carry out daily: hand washing.

One of my favorite themes on TikTok is the romanticized morning routine videos. And a big part of those posts showcases morning coffee. Double-walled glasses like these appear frequently, so I had to pick some up to infuse a little beauty into my own morning routine.

I never thought I'd see the entire internet going up for dish soap, but here we are. "CleanTok" can't get enough of this upgraded formulation of classic Dawn dish soap to tackle smudged glass, bathrooms, and kitchen surfaces in addition to dishes. It's basically the new miracle products that can clean anything and everything.

More Viral TikTok Items on My Wish List