I'm 26, and My 80-Year-Old Grandma Is a TikTok Star—We Love These Chic Staples


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During one of my nightly scrolls through TikTok, I stumbled upon a stellar account that I followed immediately. I'm, of course, referring to @excusemygrandma. The popular account (that has an Instagram and podcast of the same name) is led by Kim Murstein and Grandma Gail, a true star in my eyes. 

Murstein is 26, and Grandma Gail is 80. As Murstein mentioned, "on all our channels, we talk about generational differences of dating, fashion, and pop culture." On the style front, you'll notice daily outfit inspiration from Grandma Gail and fun videos where she helps Murstein select looks for various occasions. And yes, both women have chic style. On that note, I actually asked them to share the items they wear often to create some of the standout looks we see on their channels. 

Below, you'll uncover testimonials from both along with references from TikTok. There are also inspired shopping picks. Given that age is just a number and you should wear whatever you love regardless of the year you were born, all of the pieces coming your way could totally work for anyone. Enjoy. 


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♬ original sound - excusemygrandma

Grandma Gail's Picks

White Shirt

"I'm all about classic style. A plain, simple white cotton shirt (sleeveless or long sleeve depending on the season) is my go-to for every outfit. I always layer them under a sweater. It's clean and always looks fresh."

Straight-Leg Pants

"I'm 5'2" (good things come in small packages), and straight-leg pants always give a more streamlined look and elongate the body. I watch QVC and got hooked on ordering pants from there."


"I love a fun sweater, preferably from Gucci. They're timeless and always in fashion."


"For any time of day, I'm in Chanel flats or Stubbs & Wootton. I can match them to whatever dress or pants I'm wearing at the time. I prioritize comfort. They're the easiest to walk in rain or shine."


Grandma helps me choose an outfit for a happy hour date 💕 we’re in florida but will do a NYC look soon! #fashion #outfitideas #grandma #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound - excusemygrandma

Kim Murstein's Picks

Linen Pants

"I love linen trousers because they're not constricting, and you can dress them up or down. I'm also very into the vest-and-trouser sets that are trendy right now!"


"For as long as I can remember, I've been adding blazers to my outfits no matter the season. I feel like it's the most practical way to layer! Both oversize and fitted blazers have a time and place."

Sustainable Clothing

"I try to wear sustainable clothing as much as possible. Our impact on the environment is important to think about when shopping in addition to looking cute! Revolve has some great sustainable brands."

Sports Separates

"I see a lot of brands are creating stylish tennis wares that are both trendy and practical for sports. I'm always trying to get on the golf course with my grandma, so I'm obsessed with Alo, Foray Golf, Tory Sport, and G/Fore."

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