Ssense's Annual Sale Is Here, and You'll Regret Not Shopping These 45 Items


Harsh truth coming at you: Most holiday sales don't live up to the hype. Anyone who's an avid shopper has likely experienced that moment when they realize the claims of incredible discounts fall short. Don't get us wrong. We'll take markdowns wherever we can get them. But if the discount is only around 20% off, does the girl math add up? Not in our books. When we're shopping sales, we want to feel like whatever we're buying is a steal, but sadly, very few live up to that bargain. Not all hope is lost, though. There's one retailer that never disappoints: Ssense

When it comes to biannual sales, no one has Ssense's annual sales beat. With the retailer offering a wide range of luxury and contemporary womenswear all marked down at 30 to 60% off, it's no wonder that the sale has become one of the most anticipated events among fashion people. It's the place to pick up some of the buzziest items of the season without breaking the bank. With well over 500 pages of inventory, sifting through the sale section can be, well, draining—even for the most fervent shoppers. Luckily for you, we've got time, and boy did we spend it.

After searching for hours, we were able to curate a list of the 45 best fashion finds for women from Ssense's annual sale. From classic staples to statement accessories, there's no shortage of on-sale items that will actually satisfy your search for a great deal. Without further ado, let's get into it…