These New Pants Have So Much Cult-Favorite Potential

Even though we've been cooped up in pants for months on end, spring's arrival doesn't really mean we get to live in shorts and dresses for the next five months. Pants are a year-round staple, but as you know, not just any pants will do. And that's why when we saw a recent Vogue headline, "Desperately Seeking the Perfect Spring Pant? This Might Be It," an investigation was due. The pants in question come via Los Angeles–based designer Maria Stanley and are coined the Luna Pants. The designers described them to Vogue as a "throw-on-for-any-occasion pant that's a little '60s-inspired, with a fit [that is] friendly for the modern woman."

Among the Luna Pants' many qualities, there's a comfortable high-rise fit (that's devoid of side seams) that hits at the smallest part of the waist, there's a just-right cropped inseam, there's a myriad of wearable colors on offer, and there's the soft cotton fabric (which is miraculously machine-washable). The cherry on top is this declaration by Stanley: "They don't make you feel like you need to suck [your stomach] in the entire time."

Many sizes of the under-$300 pants are already on preorder, so you might want to snag a pair of the under-the-radar (for now) pants while you can. They have all the makings of a cult favorite.