How to Find a New Signature Scent for Spring, According to Fragrance Experts

Gourmand perfumes may be my ride-or-die, but as I learn more about different kinds of scents in the fragrance world, I’ve found myself wanting to experiment more, especially when the seasons change. A warm and spicy gourmand fragrance feels better suited for cooler weather, and with spring finally on the horizon, I’m craving something new. Springtime is a time for renewal after all, and I’m more than ready for a fragrance makeover.



I know I’m not the only one ready to switch things up in the perfume department. But because there are so many different kinds of perfumes, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. Ahead, four of our favorite fragrance experts share their thoughts on what makes the ideal spring fragrance, plus recommendations on which ones to spray this season. Keep scrolling!

The Expert: Marissa Zappas, Perfumer

“I'm a big fan of wearing whatever you want, especially during New York City springs, which are often bizarrely colder than our real winters; a winter perfume would work best anyway. For me, a spring perfume should be floral. Any type of floral. I love a good old-fashioned muguet scent [lily of the valley], like nostalgic bottles of Diorissimo or Guerlain Muguet. Muguet is the iconic spring floral that in recent years fell out of fashion, but should definitely make a comeback! For spring, I like my Honey Rose scent—a clean musk that's sensual, yet still rosy and perfect for springtime."

Key fragrance notes: bergamot, tea rose, honeycomb, amber, musk, patchouli

The Expert: Marisa Auciello, Senior Vice President, Europerfumes

“The fragrance industry has seriously stepped up their game, and so has the fragrance consumer. Thanks to Perfume TikTok, we’re all experts and expect the best. When selecting your spring scent, consider a citrus or floral that has a personality. Something with a backbone. Gone are the days of fleeting top notes, we want perfumes that last. You can achieve this by looking for base notes of woods, musk, amber or tonka bean. Great examples of perfumes that have managed to capture the spirit of spring with the performance of a perfume are Green Pearl by Thameen London, Instant Crush by Mancera Paris, and Moss+ Bold by Commodity.”

Key fragrance notes: bergamot, mandarin, neroli, apple, tea, pepper, oakmoss, musk, tonka bean

Key fragrance notes: bergamot, mandarin, saffron, ginger, rose, jasmine, amber wood, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, oak moss, white musk

Key fragrance notes: patchouli, bergamot, oak moss, petitgrain, juniper berry

The Expert: Mona Kattan, founder of Kayali

“I am more of a gourmand person and love sweet fragrances. The vanilla note, specifically, is a non-negotiable when it comes to creating Kayali fragrances, so I've always got an element of sweetness, usually in the dry down of every one. But I do love florals, and I think they're beautiful for spring. I feel like our Yum Pistachio Gelato perfume is actually a beautiful fragrance for spring, and even summer. It's a different type of gourmand; people are calling it a fresh gourmand. It's almost like a flourmand—the heart has a lot of beautiful floral notes.”

Key fragrance notes: pistachio gelato, cotton candy, whipped cream, hazelnut, marshmallow, rum

The Expert: Bee Shapiro, founder of Ellis Brooklyn

“I’m a big believer in switching up your fragrance depending on your mood, and my mood is almost always weather dependent. So, if weather changes herald a new season then yes, it’s the time to perhaps try something new. Aside from it being fun, a new scent can give you that little extra spring in your step. I love a bright floral like our new Florist perfume for spring. It literally feels like a reawakening post winter. I also love citrus notes. Bergamot is fabulous, gorgeous and sprightly. You’ll notice that many Ellis Brooklyn fragrances like Florist and Myth have a touch of bergamot in the top notes. It’s my favorite note.”

Key fragrance notes: tuberose petals, Italian bergamot, golden gardenia, honeysuckle, jasmine

Key fragrance notes: ambrette seeds, jasmine, clean white musk, pink lotus, tiger orchid, cedarwood

12 More Perfumes Editors Love and Highly Recommend for Spring

With orange blossom, honey, and vanilla absolute, this new fragrance by Kilian is a great choice for any fellow gourmand lovers who want to try a floral for spring.

For the warmer months, there’s nothing more divine than the bitter orange scent of neroli in perfume. Maison Crivelli’s Neroli Nasimba has mandarin, pink pepper, and saffiano leather surrounding Tunisian neroli.

A fruity floral fragrance, but Nectarine Honey & Blossom has a very fresh and light feel that’s wonderful for the season. It also pairs well with the brand’s Wild Bluebell and Blackberry & Bay scents.

If you’re a fan of Memo Paris and love creamy sandalwood, this is one to add to your cart. The woodiness is balanced with blackcurrant, pink pepper, carrot seed, and Damascena rose.

When it comes to lily of the valley perfumes, this is a surefire winner. It’s fresh and lively, but also has a touch of sensual sweetness, thanks to the marshmallow and patchouli notes.

Valaya is a gorgeous combination of citrus, creamy florals, and woody musk. It’s soft yet sophisticated, and ideal for spring weddings and date nights, but also daily wear.

This new fragrance from Phlur is a great option for floral musk lovers. Notes like bergamot, jasmine, neroli, and jasmine make this a perfect spring signature scent.

If you’re not that big on florals, try a cherry scent for spring. With a combination of black cherry, raspberry, mimosa, birchwood, vetiver, and vanilla, you’ll get hit with nostalgia from this Snif perfume.

A TikTok favorite, the sweet citrus and musky tone will make you want to book a spring getaway. It's currently sold out, so best join the waitlist ASAP.

The first fragrance collection from skincare brand Whind launches with six scents, including a few that are lovely for springtime, such as Lalla La Rose. It’s a dream for anyone who loves both rosy and gourmand scents, as it has notes of coconut, rose petals, pink peony, marshmallow, and vanilla cream.

Veronique Hyland, Elle Fashion Features Director and actual creator of the phrase “Millennial Pink,” teamed up with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab on a perfume oil that’s inspired by the  recognizable, birthed-out-of-the-2010s shade. The scent is deliciously described as “ruby chocolate enveloped in white musk.”

This gorgeous feminine scent features white florals, vanilla, musk, and fruity notes.