What a Celeb Stylist Is Buying on Amazon This Spring

Finding the best clothes on Amazon can be challenging, and with the amount of inventory the site stocks, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the options at your fingertips. Luckily for you, we always have our eye on the Amazon items that are trending and the hidden fashion pieces you can score on the world’s largest shopping destination. In addition to this shopping insight, we also have access to top names in the fashion industry and started a franchise where we find out the items stylists, designers, and influencers buy on the ’zon.

Next up in our shopping series, we have celebrity stylist Britt Theodora. The talented wardrobe wonderer splits her time in NYC and L.A., so she's always tweaking her style from coast to coast. Formerly Micaela Erlanger’s assistant, Britt recently started styling on her own with clients like Bambi Northwood Blyth and Barbara Palvin. Today she’s sharing the top spring fashion items you can buy on Amazon. I’ll admit I was surprised by some of the great pieces she found. Scroll down to shop Britt’s top spring trends found on the world’s easiest shopping destination.

“Love the variety of colors and easy on your hair!”

“I love this book! Every fashion girl should own a book like this. It includes fabric swatches and descriptions of almost every type of fabric.”

“A mask I can’t live without. I use twice a week.”

“This comes in different sizes, which is perfect for holding together different types of fabric. You can give yourself a temporary hem in your pants or use for wearing a low-cut dress.”

“I never travel without this—moisturizing for skin and under-eyes. It’s great for long flights!”

“A feminine twist on the classic Vans shoe. They go with everything.”

“I live in silk bras, and I love how inexpensive these are.”

“These are amazing for taking off your makeup and are reusable, too.”

“The off-the-shoulder look will always be a favorite look. Great for wearing with jeans or a leather skirt.”

“Every girl needs a dainty little tennis bracelet. Melinda Maria is a quality brand without the price tag.”

“You can find one of these in my kit, desk drawer, and makeup bag.”

“[Cardigans are] a big trend for 2019. You can wear as a top with jeans or over your favorite floral dress in the spring.”

“I own these in every color. I always go a size up so they aren’t too cropped, as I like them to hit my ankles.”

“I always keep a black belt in my styling kit.”

“I love a plain white sweatshirt. The perfect thing to pack when you only have a carry-on. It can be worn around the house or out with a statement earring and crisp denim.”

“I’m obsessed with a sock you can put your own words on. So fun and a playful accessory.”

“I love going out in this. Perfect for winter nights out on the town.”

Up next, shop the three smartest jewelry brands to invest in this year.

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