These 15 Bodywashes Smell So Good You Can Skip the Perfume


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If you're like me and picky about your bodywashes, you've come to the right place. I've noticed that quite a few of them don't lather as much as I would like them to or just lack that fresh, revitalizing scent that I want to start my day with. A solid and distinct-smelling wash can really do a lot for you—some are so good you can even skip dousing on a fragrance or two post-shower. 

Personally, I enjoy a good essential oil blend in my bodywash. Some of them can truly make you feel like you're on an exotic vacation without ever leaving your home. If lathering on this level of deliciousness every day is high on your priority list, read on below for the best-smelling bodywashes money can buy.


(Image credit: @amy_lawrenson)


(Image credit: @amy_lawrenson)

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