The Summer Shoe Trends 10 Out of 10 Fashion Girls Will Wear

Hear us out: Summer shoe trends are the best shoe trends. In other seasons, you have to deal with inclement weather and chilly temps that don't allow for much versatility in the footwear department. Alternatively, during summer, aside from snow boots and other shearling-lined footwear, you can pretty much wear whatever shoes your heart desires. Which means we should probably talk about the best shoes for summer.

With the plethora of options available for the summer season, there are six trends in particular that have stood out to us thus far, most of which fall under the category of sneakers or sandals, naturally. The best part is that every one of these trends will look ultra-chic with your summer dresses, shorts, and skirts, and they're sure to earn you lots of compliments. Get ready to see these styles on all the in-the-know fashion girls (including yourself, of course).

Head below to shop our favorites from each of the top six summer shoe trends.

Ruffled Shoes

Ruffles—whether subtle or bold—make everything prettier, including summer shoes. 

Chic Flip-Flops

Forget everything you thought you knew about flip-flops—the 2018 version is decidedly polished and grown-up.


There's a reason this trend sticks around year after year—espadrilles make every summer dress look even better.

Satin Slides

Satin slides are the pretty shoe trend that won't quit. Don't be surprised if it's still around next summer.

Denim Shoes

Jeans are great, but the freshest way to wear denim right now is on your feet.

Furry Shoes

Fur isn't just for winter. This fluffy shoe trend makes a big impact when paired with even the most casual of outfits. (Tip: Choose an open-toed pair to ensure you look seasonally appropriate.)

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.

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